Association Info

Vision Statement

The International Leader in Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance.

Mission Statement
Apply and advance scientific knowledge to promote and enhance the health, safety and performance of those involved in aerospace and related activities.

Guiding Principles

The Aerospace Medical Association will

  • Be the internationally recognized authority in aerospace medicine.
  • Be an advocate for the advancement of aerospace medicine.
  • Provide value-added services to all members.
  • Provide a forum to integrate all of the aerospace medicine disciplines.
  • Facilitate members' contributions to the field and the organization.


  • Provide governance of the Association to maintain a sound financial structure and ensure continuity of the Association.
  • Provide opportunities for education and promote research.
  • Provide members opportunities for professional growth and development.
  • Represent the discipline of Aerospace Medicine to professional, commercial and governmental organizations and advocate policies and standards.


  • To promote research in the field of aerospace medicine.
  • To provide a comprehensive aerospace medicine education program including:
    • A quality scientific journal presenting the diverse facets of aerospace medicine;
    • A quality scientific program providing a forum for interchange among the various disciplines involved in aerospace medicine;
    • Additional educational activities developed to meet member requirements; and
    • Joint and cooperative efforts with other scientific and professional organizations throughout the United States and international communities to promote interdisciplinary discussion and education benefits in aerospace medicine.
  • To provide an organization to accomplish all the activities of the Association.
  • To develop a sound financial structure, with appropriate planning, to insure continuity of the organization, respond to future financial requirements, and provide maximum member benefits at least possible member cost.
  • To enhance member satisfaction and participation in order to attract and maintain the membership needed to advance aerospace medicine and insure progression of the Association.
  • To achieve national and international recognition by aeromedical groups, other medical organizations, and “user” communities as the center of expertise in aerospace medicine.
  • To prepare, publish, and advocate official Association policy on issues of current aerospace medicine interest.
  • To assist other charitable, scientific and educational organizations in the conduct of similar activities.

To achieve these objectives, the Association:

  • Provides the world's largest and most comprehensive single annual meeting in the aerospace medical sciences.
  • Publishes Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance (formerly Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine), a monthly journal of the aerospace medical sciences, including abstracts from the annual scientific meeting. Other regular features include letters to the editor, aerospace medicine reviews, editorials, book reviews, news items, meetings calendar and news of members.
  • Provides an opportunity for meaningful professional dialogue and easy exchange of information with scientists and engineers, world-wide.
  • Conducts a public affairs program to advocate aerospace medicine issues with other professional organizations, governmental institutions, and the general public.