Abstract Submission Now Open!

The NEW abstract submission site is now open! Members may log into this site using their AsMA credentials. Directions, forms, templates, and more information can be found on the Abstract Submission page. The deadline for abstract submission is October 31, 2018. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Edwin Link - Inventor of the Simulator

National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductee Edwin Link is the inventor of the flight simulator. Celebrate Edwin Link’s invention during National Aviation Day on Aug. 19!
   This year, on National Aviation Day, celebrate an aviation pioneer who advanced flight by training pilots. Link’s invention responded to the pilot’s controls and gave accurate readings on flight instruments, such as the altimeter, allowing pilots to train without ever having to leave the ground. Link’s “Blue Box” simulators were used by every flight school in the country, and are still used in the pilot certification process today.
   Edwin Link was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2003. His profile can be read at

Draft AsMA Resolutions Available for Review & Comment

AsMA Members are invited to review and comment on four Draft AsMA Resolutions currently available in the Members Only section of the AsMA website. The comment period for Draft Resolutions 2017-03, 2017-04, and 2017-05 expires on 8/17/2018. A new Draft AsMA Resolution (2017-01) was posted this morning for AsMA members to review and comment. The comment period for Draft AsMA Resolution 2017-01 will expire on 10/14/2018. Please take time to review these Draft AsMA Resolutions.

AsMA Bylaws Requirements

According to the AsMA Bylaws (dated April 26, 2016), Article XII, Section 3, paragraph P:

"If approved by Council, the resolution will be presented to the Association membership. Proposed resolutions will be published on the Association’s website for a period of at least 60 days to offer members the opportunity for review and comment. Members of the Association will be notified by electronic means when resolutions are posted on the website for review and when posted for a vote. Members may submit comments to the Resolutions Committee within the 60-day comment period. Comments received from members may be incorporated into the proposed resolution by the Resolutions Committee, after which the revised resolution shall be resubmitted to Council. After final review and approval by Council, the draft resolution will be posted on the Association’s website for a vote by the membership. Association membership shall have final approval of resolutions."

Read AsMA Bylaws

AsMA members are now invited to review the four draft resolutions. In an effort to facilitate AsMA membership discussion on the draft resolutions, I have posted draft resolutions to the AsMA Members Only website with a discussion forum so that AsMA Members may review the draft resolution and make comments, if necessary. 

Review/Comment period for Draft AsMA Resolutions 2017-03, 2017-04, and 2017-05 will close on August 17, 2018.

Review/Comment period for Draft AsMA Resolution 2017-01 will close on October 14, 2018.

All AsMA Members’ comments will be collected via the forum and will be provided to the AsMA Resolutions Committee following the review/comment period. The AsMA Resolutions Committee will review the members' comments and decide if the draft resolution requires more work or is ready for AsMA Membership vote to approve. 

You can access the draft resolutions and the discussion forum by doing the following:
  • Go to
  • Enter your login credentials in the upper right corner of the AsMA Home Page
  • On the Member Only Home Page, select “MEMBER FORUMS” from the bottom of the menu found on the left side of the screen
  • Select “ASMA ALL MEMBERS” from the list of Member Forums
  • Select each of the four draft AsMA Resolutions separately (Draft AsMA Resolutions 2017-03, 2017-04, 2017-05, and 2017-01)
  • Review the draft resolution language and provide any comments you deem necessary for improving the draft resolution in the discussion forum at the bottom of the screen (NOTE: you must sign into DISQUS to add comments in the discussion forum – You can login using existing Facebook, Twitter, or Google credentials – You can also establish a DISQUS account and then login using the DISQUS credentials)

I will share all posted comments from the AsMA members for Draft AsMA Resolutions 2017-03, 2017-04, and 2017-05 with the AsMA Resolutions Committee on August 18, 2018. AsMA Members' comments related to Draft AsMA Resolution 2017-01 will be provided to the AsMA Resolutions Committee on October 15, 2018.

The Resolutions Committee will then decide if the resolutions are ready for AsMA membership vote or the resolution needs to go back to the AsMA Resolutions Committee for additional work.

Please take a few minutes to review the four (4) Draft AsMA Resolutions and provide comments, as necessary.

Jeffrey C. Sventek, MS, CAsP, FAsMA, FRAeS
Executive Director

New European Union Safety Rules Announced

On 25 July 2018 the European Union published new safety rules on air operations, including new provisions to better support the mental fitness of air crew. The Regulation includes the following safety measures: a support program, alcohol testing, and psychological assessment.
Please view Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/1042 here:
Go to the EASA website for all details:

89th Annual Scientific Meeting Scientific Session Recordings Available!

Session recordings and posters from the 89th Annual Scientific Meeting in Dallas, Texas are available. For those who paid for a meeting registration, you should have received a blast e-mail on June 1, 2018 announcing the availability of the recordings library. The blast e-mail also provided the link to the library along with login instructions for accessing the library. As you may remember, your paid meeting registration included complimentary access to the library. If you are a paid registrant and did not receive the June 1, 2018 blast e-mail, please contact me at I can provide you with a copy of that blast e-mail so that you may gain access to the library.

For those who were unable to attend our 89th Annual Scientific Meeting, you may purchase some or all of the library recordings. Please click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Purchase the Session Recordings from the 89th Annual Scientific Meeting - Dallas, Texas

Note: Dallas attendees who received free online access as part of their registration can also upgrade to a Thumb Drive if they wish!