Call for Papers: Journal of Neurophysiology

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Update on Post-Meeting Evaluations and Recorded Scientific Sessions

What an incredible meeting we had in Chicago! A huge thank you to all of our presenters, speakers, exhibitors, staff, volunteers, and attendees. It was a week full of insightful conversations, cutting-edge research, and joyful reunions with friends and colleagues.

Our Post-Meeting Evaluation link has been sent out, so please check your junk folders if you cannot find it in your inbox. The recorded Scientific Sessions will be available on Podiumcast in 2-3 weeks, and registrants will be notified at that time.


Research Assistance Requested

Dr. Christopher Brooks, an Emeritus member of AsMA, has been wondering if there is any connection between Diver's DCS and Alzheimers. Please contact him at the email below if you can assist with his research:

"Dear Reader,
I recently met up with one of our old clearance divers who is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Over the years dating back to 1976, I have treated him for Decompression Sickness twice. In lucid moments, he recalls that he has been bent more times than that. Unfortunately, he has lost his diver’s log.
   My quick review of the literature is notably absent in asking the question whether there is any connection between DCS and Alzheimer’s disease in military or commercial divers. Having asked the question, I feel morally and professionally responsible for looking into the problem in more depth. I would be grateful if any or the readership can further help with my quest."

Dr. C. J. Brooks, M.B.Ch.B., FFOM, D.Av.Med., OMM, O.St.J.CD
[email protected]

2023 AsMA Fellows Scholarship Winners

The AsMA Fellows Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce their selection of the 2023 scholarship winners. The 1st Place Winner was Dr. Joseph Keith Britton for his presentation and published manuscript on "Initial Investigation of a Grating Stimulus as a Visual Endpoint for Human Centrifuge Research.” The 2nd Place Winner was Dr. Brian Charles Hanshaw for his presentation and manuscript on “Spaceflight Recovery Considerations for Acute Inhalational Exposure to Hydrazines”.