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The peer-reviewed monthly journal, Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance (AMHP), formerly Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, provides contact with physicians, life scientists, bioengineers, and medical specialists working in both basic medical research and in its clinical applications. It is the most used and cited journal in its field. It is distributed to more than 80 nations.

Open Access Publishing
In response to the need for some authors to publish  their work as Open Access, Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance is now a ‘hybrid’ journal. We offer Open Access publishing (see Submit an Article for more) and also publish articles for no fee, other than the applicable fees. Authors are free to post their accepted manuscript in an institutional repository without paying any fees. Traditionally published articles are free online after a 1-yr embargo. They remain free for 5 years. Then they return to pay-per-view, but are always available and searchable online through Ingenta.

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   We feel it is the most viable option to keep all copies of our journal moving while eliminating any surcharge. We believe that all members and subscribers will understand and expect some delays in delivery. By utilizing Ocean Freight for Europe, we are very confident there will be no disruptions in transportation (just delays in delivery). Sail time is approximately 12 calendar days to the UK and then the journal will be handed off to carriers that go into each country in Europe. 
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Upcoming Issues

Available online: November 2020; Upcoming issue table of contents: December 2020 (to come). 
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Journal Submission Statistics (2019)

  • The Journal, Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance, publishes approximately 10 articles per month, including Research, Reviews, Case Reports, and Short Communications.
  • The Impact Factor is 0.889
  • The average time from submission to acceptance is 5 months. The range is 1 –15 months. This includes all stages of review and resubmission.
  • The average time from acceptance to print is 3 months. Since print requires that we work 2 months in advance, most manuscripts are published in the next available issue.



AMHP Still Highly Rated for Ingenta Downloads

Ingenta has examined data for all the titles on Ingenta Connect, and the Blue Journal still ranks in the top 20 out of more than 11,000 titles for number of full-text downloads.
   For August 2020:
      • Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance ranks 8th with 2,479 downloads; and
      • Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine ranks 16th with 1,625 downloads.

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