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The peer-reviewed monthly journal, Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance (AMHP), formerly Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, provides contact with physicians, life scientists, bioengineers, and medical specialists working in both basic medical research and in its clinical applications. It is the most used and cited journal in its field. It is distributed to more than 80 nations.

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Available online: January 2020; Upcoming issue table of contents: February 2020.
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Journal Submission Statistics (2019)

  • The Journal, Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance, publishes approximately 10 articles per month, including Research, Reviews, Case Reports, and Short Communications.
  • The Impact Factor is 0.889
  • The average time from submission to acceptance is 5 months. The range is 1 –15 months. This includes all stages of review and resubmission.
  • The average time from acceptance to print is 3 months. Since print requires that we work 2 months in advance, most manuscripts are published in the next available issue.



Top AMHP Articles Accessed

   The following articles were the most accessed articles for October 2019:
1. Wilkes M, Long G, Massey H, Eglin C, Tipton MJ. Cognitive function in a simulated paragliding flight. Aerosp Med Hum Perform. 2019; 90(10):851–859. DOI: (accessed 186 times).

2. Bang S, Yang S, Cho SW, Kim DH, Kang H. Follow-up of blebs and bullae in pilots 40 years and older using CT. Aerosp Med Hum Perform. 2019; 90(10):867–871. DOI: (accessed 104 times).

AMHP in Top 100 for Ingenta Downloads

ASEM & AMHP were in the top 100 for downloads in November 2019.
   Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance ranks 9th with 2,701 downloads
   Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine ranks 15th with 2,232 downloads  

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