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Welcome to the Aerospace Medical Association.

Purpose: The Aerospace Medical Association is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. It is the largest, most-representative professional membership organization in the fields of aerospace medicine and human performance.

AsMA is an umbrella group providing a forum for many different disciplines to come together and share their expertise for the benefit of all persons involved in air and space travel.. The Association has provided its expertise to a multitude of Federal and international agencies on a broad range of issues, including aviation and space medical standards, the aging pilot, pilot mental health screening, and physiological stresses of flight. AsMA's membership includes aerospace medicine specialists, flight nurses, physiologists, psychologists, human factors specialists, and researchers in this field. Most are with industry, civil aviation regulatory agencies, departments of defense and military services, the airlines, space programs, and universities. Approximately 30% of the membership is international.

Through the efforts of the AsMA members, safety in flight and man's overall adaptation to adverse environments have been more nearly achieved.

What is Aerospace Medicine?

Aerospace medicine concerns the determination and maintenance of the health, safety, and performance of persons involved in air and space travel. Aerospace Medicine, as a broad field of endeavor, offers dynamic challenges and opportunities for physicians, nurses, physiologists, bioenvironmental engineers, industrial hygienists, environmental health practitioners, human factors specialists, psychologists, and other professionals. Those in the field are dedicated to enhancing health, promoting safety , and improving performance of individuals who work or travel in unusual environments. The environments of space and aviation provide significant challenges, such as microgravity, radiation exposure, G-forces, emergency ejection injuries, and hypoxic conditions, for those embarking in their exploration. Areas of interest range from space and atmospheric flight to undersea activities, and the environments that are studied cover a wide spectrum, extending from the “microenvironments” of space or diving suits to those of “Spaceship Earth”.

Useful Information for the Public

  1. Medical Publications for Airline Travel - Medical information and recommendations for airline passengers and physicians advising airline passengers.
  2. Learn more about Aerospace Medicine - Detailed information about Aerospace Medicine
  3. Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance - The official journal of the Aerospace Medical Association (formerly Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine). This peer-reviewed scientific journal offers the latest information in the fields of Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance.
  4. Annual Scientific Meeting - The Aerospace Medical Association conducts a scientific meeting every year in April or May.  The meeting offers slide presentations, panel presentations, and poster presentations on the latest scientific discoveries in Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance.  The Annual Scientific Meeting offers attendees continuing education credits.