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Welcome to the official web page of the Corporate Forum of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA). AsMA is the primary international medical association that encompasses experts in the fields of aviation, space, and hyperbaric medicine, as well as related nursing, human factors, psychology, and engineering fields, offering fertile ground for relationships between companies and organizations responsible for support of these fields. Our Corporate Forum is the only Association-recognized collection of corporate, technical, research, educational, and clinical institutions joined to promote global connectivity and scientific progress in the field of aerospace medicine and the related sciences. Recent challenges, including expanding airbuses, limited space physiology, and related basic science funding, and the threat of global terrorism to today’s airports, make coordinated collaboration and collective efforts paramount. Our organization faces developing legislation, applications of cutting-edge technology, and new aeromedical dilemmas, impacting basic operations, production, finance, and sales across the aerospace industry.

Our Forum members enjoy the comradery of leaders, paving the way for an array of industry functions from improved health and safety on commercial airline flights to human interplanetary space explorations, while working in synergy with AsMA to achieve these advances. The benefits of membership are as diverse as our membership, since the Forum is composed of a range of organizations from pharmaceutical companies to centrifuge manufacturers. For some, the accessibility to experts in the field to facilitate design improvements for night vision goggles is essential. Through affiliation, others enjoy relationships with professionals responsible for evaluating the use of new drugs for the flying community. Still others maintain relationships with member research institutions, collaborating to offset limited funding across the industry. In addition, members utilize advertising and marketing options with AsMA, since many within the general membership represent target marketing audiences. The Forum sponsors original research presented at the annual scientific meetings of AsMA annually and at international forums. Over the years, the Forum has developed refreshing, innovative venues to supplement and/or extend the missions and goals of organizations within the aerospace industry.

Membership offers a unique way to connect your organization to global efforts for the advancement of aerospace medicine, and related sciences, research, legislation, and technology to meet the challenges of our industry in the new millennium. To read news about AsMA's current Corporate & Sustaining Members, please visit the Industry News page.

AsMA Corporate Tiered Membership
The Aerospace Medical Association, in an effort to optimize Corporate Member benefits and participation has developed a Tiered Membership Structure.  This structure allows Corporate Members to select the level of membership that best fits their needs and objectives while providing them the “best bang for the buck”.
Briefly, the Tiered Membership Structure
  • Offers corporate membership options to best suit their objectives and needs
  • Offers increasing discounts at each membership level
  • Provides the opportunity for greater interaction with AsMA leadership
  • Offers greater Return on Investment at each membership level

Note: AsMA award sponsorship remains a separate activity and is not included in the Tiered Membership Structure.

Read all of the details of the AsMA Tiered Corporate Membership