Benefits of Corporate Membership

Benefits of Membership

Advocacy: The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) has several vehicles designed to address the challenges of an ever-changing, global aerospace marketplace. Member organizations can present relevant topics for problem-solving and support from this assembly of international leaders.

Marketing: Member organizations enjoy discounted rates for advertising in Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance and exhibiting at the annual scientific meeting to augment visibility in our international marketplace. Their accomplishments and programs are additionally highlighted in the Affiliate publication, and their connections to target markets are fortified by a variety of annual scientific meeting activities.

Education: Aeromedical Education for related healthcare professionals, airmen, support crew, passengers, and divers is one of the primary objectives of the Association. It produces a variety of publications, workshops, and scientific meetings all designed to highlight pivotal basic science findings and technical advancements, and to provide medical guidance to enhance safety in our extreme environments. Many of our member organizations use these opportunities to maintain comprehensive aeromedical and technical currency to advise traditionally trained medical professionals, airmen, and the flying/diving public.

Networking: Membership offers access to a variety of international aeromedical experts to help anticipate trends and technical developments, provide reference for clinical and operational problem-solving, maintain currency on regulations affecting the industry, and lend support for the development of business strategies. The May annual scientific meeting offers formal and informal venues for building contacts and relationships vital to the growth and health of aerospace organizations. Our Corporate Forum publications provide another tool to apprise the aerospace community of milestones, achievements, opportunities, and challenges for your organization.

Research: Our affiliated organizations sponsor research regularly in a variety of aeromedical and technical fields of clinical and operational significance. These efforts can help your organization focus on specific investigations or provide breadth to an existing research program. Members are encouraged to involve themselves, as appropriate, in the development of research sponsorship through work with fellow members, culminating in dynamic and innovative findings worthy of formal presentation in publications and at scientific meetings.

Recruitment: The membership of AsMA is a rich environment of aeromedical and technical professionals. Listing employment, educational, and training opportunities within Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine and the Corporate Forum publication could help identify talented individuals with unique skill sets to strengthen your organization or educational facility.

Leadership: The union of our businesses and organizations offers opportunities to direct the aerospace industry through leadership. This union has established bylaws supporting an organizational structure, designed to address industry challenges, as well as support the Association and fellow members in the aerospace marketplace.