• Aerospace Medicine Physicians
Specialty board certification for physicians in Aerospace Medicine is provided by the American Board of Preventive Medicine after completion of an approved 2-year residency and passing the Board examination.
  • Certification in Aerospace Physiology
AsMA has offered certification in this vital field since 1977 through a one-day written examination administered prior to the annual scientific meeting of the Association to candidates possessing at least a baccalaureate degree in physiology and substantial experience. To prepare for this examination, a combination of texts in general physiology, as well aerospace and diving medicine, is recommended. The applicant will need to demonstrate competency in the characteristics of the atmosphere, acceleration, spatial disorientation, and the physiology of decompression, thermo-regulation, hyperbarics, respiration, and cardiovascular function. Additionally, operational topics such as positive pressure breathing, noise, and LASER radiation are covered. The examination results are revealed during the annual meeting of AsMA. Each successful candidate receives a gold pO2 pin along with their certificate and may use the trademark CAsP.

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