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Aerospace Medicine, as a broad field of endeavor, offers dynamic challenges and opportunities for physicians, nurses, physiologists, human factors specialists, psychologists, bioenvironmental engineers, industrial hygienists, environmental health practitioners, and other professionals. Those in the field are dedicated to enhancing health, promoting safety, and improving performance of individuals who work or travel in unusual environments. Areas of interest range from space and atmospheric flight to undersea activities, and the environments that are studied cover a wide spectrum, extending from the microenvironments of space or diving suits to those of "spaceship Earth."

Aerospace medical practitioners serve flyers, passengers, space travelers, air traffic controllers, patients transported by air, maintenance crews, and even mountain climbers and undersea workers. The problems and challenges these people face are quite different from those faced by individuals who live and work only on the surface of the Earth. The unusual nature of aerospace medicine's needs requires that practitioners have unique expertise. Specialized education in any of aerospace medicine's diverse facets enables professionals to develop and apply their capabilities. The diverse and expanding opportunities in the field make a career in aerospace medicine unusually attractive for health professionals.


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Useful Information for Students and Residents

  • Careers in Aerospace Medicine - An explanation of various career paths within Aerospace Medicine.
  • Scholarship Opportunities - Several scholarships are available through the Aerospace Medical Association, the Aerospace Medical Association Foundation, Constituent Organizations of the Aerospace Medical Association, or other organizations affiliated with the Aerospace Medical Association.
  • Aerospace Medicine Student & Resident Organization (AMSRO) - The Aerospace Medicine Student & Resident Organization (AMSRO) is a growing group of upcoming professionals in the related fields of aerospace medicine that disseminate information regarding career and educational opportunities to its membership. AMSRO provides a forum for the unification of undergraduate students, graduate students, professional students, and medical residents interested in aerospace- related fields and for the exchange of insights regarding training programs, research opportunities, and general career development. As the official student and resident Constituent Organization of the Aerospace Medical Association, it provides guidance to the Association on matters of interests to students and residents, as well.
  • Case Western Reserve University is offering a Graduate Certificate in Aerospace Physiology. This is a 1-year program that will begin in Fall 2023. The application deadline is July 15, 2023. For more information, visit
  • John Hopkins Human Spaceflight Lab offers a seminar series, virtual networking happy hours, and journal club for the human spaceflight community.
  • The ad astra vita project is an online resources portal for aerospace medicine, space health, and medicine in extreme environments.
  • University of Melbourne Medical School offers a course in Human Health in the Space Environment.
  • Swinburne University offers a Space Technology co-major including a course on Space and Microgravity Science.
  • The Center for Space Medicine offers a Space Medicine Pathway to undergraduate medical students at Baylor College of Medicine:
  • is a general information website with many resources useful to prospective students interested in advancing their education.
  • Kings College London is the fourth oldest university in England. They offer post-graduate courses in aviation and space medicine.
  • University of Otago, Wellington, New Zealand: Offers post-graduate courses in Occupational and Aviation Medicine.
  • Kinetic Adventure Medical Education offers a variety of courses and CME in Aviation Medicine and Wilderness Medicine for students, residents, physicians, and travelers who want to enhance their medical knowledge.