Types of Individual Membership

Specific eligibility for Association membership is established in Article III, Section 1 of the ByLaws
  • Full Membership

An applicant for membership needs to be a licensed physician or nurse; or hold a designation as an aviation medical examiner, flight nurse, flight medical officer, aviation medical director, aerospace medicine physician assistant, or submarine or diving medical officer, or be a scientist, engineer, technician, teacher, researcher, student or commissioned in the armed services and be concerned with the fields of aerospace medicine, aeronautics, astronautics, undersea medicine, or environmental health. 
  • Member-Spouse Membership

An AsMA member married to another AsMA member may select the Member-Spouse Membership. Both AsMA members are entitled to the membership benefits of Full Membership. However, the married members will only receive one print journal. As a result, the total membership fee is reduced by $60.00.
  • Life Membership
Life membership is available to all members who wish to make a one-time dues payment at an amount established by the Council.
  • Student Membership

An applicant for student membership must provide proof they are enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited college or university and have an express interest in aerospace medicine or allied sciences. They shall pay prescribed dues and are entitled to the electronic version of the official journal of the Association via the Aerospace Medical Association website. (The print version of the journal is available at an additional fee). Student members are entitled to participate in all activities of the Association including the annual meeting, holding office, and voting.
  • Resident Membership

An applicant for Resident membership must provide proof they are enrolled full-time in an accredited residency or equivalent training program and have an express interest in aerospace medicine or allied sciences. They shall pay prescribed dues, receive the official journal of the Association, and may participate in all activities of the Association including the annual meeting, holding office, and voting.
  • Technicians Membership

A technician is an enlisted member of the military involved in aerospace operations, or a civilian engaged in such aerospace operations.
  • Emeritus Membership

Emeritus membership is available to those who have been AsMA members for 25 years and over 65 years of age. They retain all rights and privileges of regular members and are entitled to the electronic version of the official journal via the Association website. (The print version of the journal is available for an additional fee).


For further information on becoming a member, please contact Gloria Carter.
For AsMA member news, please contact Rachel Trigg.