Staring with January 2015, the journal's name was changed to Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance and it was redesigned. Due to this redesign, the news section became online only. This is an archive of the news for each month. Click on the image to download the pdf. Please contact Rachel Trigg with any corrections or any news you wish to contribute.

If a photo or news item is posted in the news section of any member who does not wish it posted, please contact AsMA with the request to remove it.

2015 Newsletters
Index of 2015 newsletters

Jan. 2015
pp. N1-N3
Feb. 2015
pp. N4-N7
March 2015
pp. N8-N11
April 2015
pp. N12-N16
May 2015
pp. N17-N19
June 2015
pp. N20-N25
July 2015
pp. N26-N38
Aug. 2015
pp. N39-N52
Sept. 2015
pp. N53-N55
Oct. 2015
pp. N56-N60
Nov. 2015
pp. N61-N63
Dec. 2015
pp. N64-N66



2016 Newsletters
Index of 2016 newsletters

Jan. 2016
pp. N1-N5

Feb. 2016
pp. N6-N9

March 2016
pp. N10-N12

April 2016
pp. N13-N16

May 2016
pp. N17-N20

June 2016
pp. N21-N28
July 2016
pp. N29-N45
August 2016
pp. N46-N65
Sept. 2016
pp. N66-N69
Oct. 2016
pp. N70-N73
Nov. 2016
pp. N74-N78
Dec. 2016
pp. N79-N83



2017 Newsletters
Index of 2017 newsletters

Jan. 2017
pp. N1-N4 &
ACF News, Vol. 1, No. 1

Feb. 2017
pp. N5-N9

March 2017
pp. N10-N13

April 2017
pp. N14-N17

May 2017

June 2017
pp. N21-N27
July 2017
pp. N28-N45
August 2017
pp. N46-N60
Sept. 2017
pp. N61-N63
Oct. 2017
pp. N64-N67
Nov. 2017
pp. N68-N70
Dec. 2017
pp. N71-N73


2018 Newsletters
Index of 2018 newsletters

Jan. 2018
pp. N1-N4

Feb. 2018
pp. N5-N8 &
ACF News,
Vol. 1, Issue 2

March 2018
pp. N9-N12

April 2018
pp. N13-N15

May 2018
pp. N16-N20

June 2018
pp. N21-N27

July 2018
pp. N28-N44

Aug. 2018
pp. N45-N58

Sept. 2018
pp. N59-N62

Oct. 2018
pp. N63-N65

Nov. 2018
pp. N66-N70

Dec. 2018



2019 Newsletters
Index of 2019 newsletters (will be available at the end of 2019)

January 2019
pp. N1-N3

February 2019
pp. N4-N7

March 2019
pp. N8-N10

April 2019
pp. N11-N14
May 2019
pp. N15-N21
June 2019
pp. N22-N28