Professional and individual membership benefits include:
  •  Online access to the peer-reviewed journal, Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance;
  • Reduced registration prices for our Annual Scientific Meetings, which afford attendees Continuing Medical Education credits (CME) and other professional continuing education units;
  • Website area for Members Only to update contact information, access the journal online, access an exclusive Job Fair/Classified advertising section, and member announcements;
  • Recognition of peers through election to Associate Fellowship and Fellow of AsMA, as well as eligibility for Annual Awards to qualified individuals;
  • Opportunities to serve on committees and make a real difference in the health and safety of those who fly;
  • Exchange of ideas with international experts in Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance;
  • And scholarships and travel grants for students and residents to attend scientific meetings.


  • Annual Scientific Meeting
The Association's annual scientific meeting provides a multi-faceted forum for all aerospace medical disciplines and concurrently provides continuing education credits for those attending the meeting. Lectures, seminars, panels, poster presentations, workshops, film reports, and technical and scientific exhibits present data on the latest results of clinical and research studies. No other meeting brings together such a diverse group of specialists: clinical health care directors, physicians, physician assistants, scientists, and nurses from the armed services, NASA, FAA, and industry, plus the many private practitioners in all clinical specialties who care for the total civilian flying population on a daily basis. International representation is evident among both program participants and attendees.
  • Continuing Professional Education
All disciplines are strongly encouraged to participate in some form of continuing professional education. Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are provided to physicians and nurses attending the Annual Scientific Meeting, including AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ (additional fees apply) and Continuing Education Contact Hours for nurses. See the meeting program and registration form for further details. You can download AsMA's CME Mission Statement.
  • Joint Effort Toward A Universal Goal
A member of AsMA shares in an effort that can only be achieved by coordinated group action; i.e., to provide safety in flight, and in similar potentially hazardous or stressful environments, through medical research and the clinical application of such research. The combined interests of Association members are represented through unified promotion of scientific education, training, research, and dissemination of information concerning aerospace medicine, human performance, the life sciences, bioastronautics, and related specialties.
  • Monthly Professional Journal
Membership includes a subscription to the peer-reviewed monthly journal, Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance. All individual and corporate members receive access to the online electronic journal via the Members Only Section of the AsMA website. Members may subscribe to the print journal for a modest yearly fee.
  • Participation in Committee Action
Voluntary participation as a member of a standing committee or sub-committee allows both personal contributions and an opportunity for interpersonal exchange of ideas in areas of Association interest. Committee action is oriented specifically toward meeting the Association's objectives through the combined expertise of committee members.
  • Recognition of Peers
Members may be elected to the status of Associate Fellows or Fellows of the Aerospace Medical Association. Members are also eligible for Annual Awards, presented to qualified individuals during our annual Honors Night Ceremonies.
  • World-Wide Exchange of Ideas
The Association is international in both membership and scope of interest, providing opportunities to associate and exchange ideas with the world's foremost medical specialists and internationally renowned scientists. Medical leaders and scientists from more than 80 nations are active members of the Association.  We have many Affiliate Member Organizations with similar objectives and purposes.  They complement our efforts and we communicate with them on a regular basis.
  • Constituent Organization Membership Opportunities
Membership in one or more of the 11 Constituent Organizations of the Association is an opportunity to be part of a group closely aligned with the various disciplines represented in the membership.  Some are specific in the origin of their members' fields (e.g., the Society of U.S. Naval Flight Surgeons, Society of U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeons, Society of U.S. Army Flight Surgeons, and the American Society of Aerospace Medicine Specialists).  Others are dedicated to a particular field of endeavor without national borders (e.g., the Aerospace Medicine Student and Resident Orgainzation, Space Medicine Association, International Airline Medical Association, Aerospace Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Society, Aerospace Human Factors Association, Life Sciences and Bio-Engineering Branch, and Aerospace Physiology Society).  One Constituent Organization, the International Association of Military Flight Surgeon Pilots, embodies the relevance of Flight Surgeon Pilots to issues of human performance with their understanding of both backgrounds. The Constituent Organizations sponsor panels and workshops, engage in networking related to their interests, and provide many opportunities for long-term personal and professional interactions.  The yearly membership fees range from about $10 to $25 and inquiry as to qualifications for membership should be directed to the Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Gisselle Vargas, who will forward such questions to the specific Constituent Organization.