Life Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Branch

Life Sciences & Biomedical engineering Branch

The Life Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Branch (LSBEB) is a Constituent organization of the Aerospace Medical Association made up of like-minded individuals with an interest and/or expertise in aerospace life sciences and biomedical engineering.  Membership in the LSBEB requires membership in our parent organization, the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA).  The LSBEB originated from the 1974 merger of two Affiliate organizations, the Aerospace Industrial Life Sciences Association, established in 1962, and the Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Branch (originally named the Bio-Environmental Engineering Section), established in 1965.
At its core, the LSBEB provides a focal point for informal and formal professional exchange among the highly divergent viewpoints represented by life sciences, specifically those of a biomedical and engineering nature.

The LSBEB's unique objective and purpose amongst other Constituents of the AsMA is to advance aerospace life sciences and biomedical engineering.  We do this by establishing and maintaining cooperation between scientific and engineering disciplines as a means of supporting the application of technology to resolving continuing problems of healthcare, safety, and operational efficiency of personnel working in aerospace and other challenging environments. 
The LSBEB membership is approximately 84 members.  Membership dues are just $10 per year.  The LSBEB has been fortunate to include amongst its membership many of the most renowned researchers and authors in aerospace life sciences and biomedical engineering.
LSBEB officers and membership meet formally each spring during the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association.  The combined Business and Social meeting is usually conducted on the Monday evening of the meeting week and is the LSBEB's opportunity to conduct essential business such as membership renewal, the presentation of awards, and the installation of newly elected officers.  It also provides the opportunity for members, or those interested in becoming members, to network and socialize.  Each year the LSBEB aims to continue to sponsor and/or co-sponsor at least one scientific panel during the annual meeting week.
Between formal meetings, the officers and committee chairs within the LSBEB communicate via email and/or virtual meetings to carry out the business of the organization.  Renewal of memberships, collection of dues, communication with award sponsors, soliciting nominations for awards, selecting awards recipients, electing new officers and developing/sponsoring an educational panel are amongst those activities.  Like many other Constituent organizations, the LSBEB encourages teaching and mentoring amongst its members.  In addition, the LSBEB provides expert testimony in the field of the life sciences and biomedical engineering as requested by the Aerospace Medical Association.  We strive to engage in stimulating investigations and to report findings within the scope of our remit. 
The LSBEB awards program includes the selection of recipients for the following awards which are commercially sponsored and consists of a plaque as well as a cash honorarium.  The awards are presented in conjunction with the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting.  While nominations can only be submitted by LSBEB members, nominees do not have to be members.
  • A. Howard Hasbrook Award recognizes an individual who has provided noteworthy data or design with respect to safety, survivability or crashworthiness relevant to aircraft or space vehicles.
  • Professional Excellence Award recognizes an individual who has
    produced outstanding research accomplishments or technical and/or research management achievements important to life sciences and/or biomedical engineering of a number of years.
  • Research and Development Innovation Award is given to an individual
    who has demonstrated innovative life sciences and/or biomedical engineering research as related to the design or development of aerospace medical equipment or systems. 
  • Ross McFarland Student Award is given to the author of the best student research paper accepted by the AsMA Scientific Program Committee that reports on a significant achievement in biomedical engineering. 
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  • President:  Jeffrey A. Jones, M.D. (CAPT, USNR Ret.)