American Society of Aerospace Medicine Specialists

American Society of Aerospace Medicine Specialists

The Society is a non-profit organization created to serve as a voice for and represent the professional needs of Aerospace Medicine specialists in the United States. Members are specialists in the field of Aerospace Medicine dedicated to the advancement of aviation and space medicine.

Council is looking hard at integrating dues into a single electronic bill.  Some constituents will likely not participate. ASAMS is looking to be a "pilot project" in helping to convert our usual May meeting dues collection to match the current AsMA anniversary dues process. Stay tuned for more as it happens.

If you haven't checked out the new AsMA web site, go there and check out the question of the day. We'd like to further integrate our website with AsMA's new look also. Ideas appreciated. Also, it would probably be good that our CPGs get an official home somewhere there.

Chicago meeting news: Ethics panel is approved again this year via the scientific program committee last week. Please find our approved ASAMS Ethics Guidelines attached. RAM Bowl will be on Tues afternoon again (following the grand rounds sessions). And due to great feedback and popular demand, we'll be having the cash bar and post-Bowl reception for all ASAMS members!

The big scheduling news is a move for AsMA Joint Council. As you may recall, we did not have enough time to complete all our business on Thursday AM before the new plenary session. In discussions last week, AsMA is going to move the traditional Wed AM joint Council meeting (with outgoing and incoming officers) to Thursday morning just prior to the Bauer Lecture.  This will open up Wed AM for ASAMS to have for our business meeting
(0700-0830). I went ahead and made the change in consultation with the ED, AsMA President & Bunny Ritter. This gives us a great new time to get our business done (avoiding a plenary session cutoff), install new officers and then have the officers attend the Joint Council on Thurs AM. I think this is great for ASAMS. So the ASAMS business meeting will change to Wed AM.  Be there!

The Society is dedicated to:

  • Establishing standards for the specialty of Aerospace Medicine, including but not limited to, the development of core-competencies for residents in Aerospace Medicine and practice guidelines for Aerospace Medicine practitioners.
  • Representing and promoting the interests of physicians who specialize in Aerospace Medicine.
  • Promoting and preserving the highest professional standards of care among practitioners of Aerospace Medicine.
  • Interesting young physicians and medical students in the specialty of Aerospace Medicine.
  • Increasing the value of the specialty of Aerospace Medicine to prospective employers.

President: Colonel (Dr.) Johann Westphall, USAF

Contact: Colonel (Dr.) Johann Westphall, USAF

Documents: Oct. 2016 meeting minutes updated