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Fellows of the AsMA


Mission Statement

AsMA fellowship denotes an honor as being recognized as the highest level of organizational membership. It isn't simply a level based on "x in the block" activity, but instead uses those parameters as a baseline subject to several intangibles showing fidelity and synergy with the very principles of the organization. Fellows are considered an ambassador of everything AsMA stands for. The selection process should be aligned directly with the values and mission statements of AsMA.

Fellowship is based on the following tenets:

  • It is UNIVERSAL. It is equally open to not only all aeromedical specialties (e.g. physician, nurse, physiologist, etc) but also to all applications of the study of the aerospace environment, i.e. the researcher who is heavy into article submission, the trainer/operator who plies his/her trade at the pointy end of the spear, and the scientist who applies the research. We are a body of many parts. Excellence is not solely based on covering as many of the bases as possible, but rather how well they perform in their area of expertise while effectively interfacing and applying knowledge gained from the other parts to the betterment of those who utilize our collective services.
  • It should show evidence of ASSIMILATION. As stated above, whatever the source of specialization the candidate for fellow should show via past action the ability to integrate and assimilate all areas of aerospace studies just as a general officer can do the same for a military capability regardless of original MOS. You can't effectively ply your trade at the highest levels of organizational competence without having a better than average working knowledge of the organizational big picture.
  • It should be a visual example of AsMA VALUES AND OBJECTIVES. Through one's professional performance and personal integrity, a Fellow should be a living testament to all that AsMA holds as elemental and vital.

Fellows are selected from among those active members who have made outstanding contributions to aerospace medicine, aeronautics, astronautics, undersea medicine, or environmental health, either in research, in the practical usage of research, or by precept and example. Nominations for Fellowship may be made only by Fellows who are active members. For further inquiries, contact Warren Silberman, D.O. (Chair).

Point System Used for Fellows Evaluation


View the point system used for evaluating Fellows candidates. The list of points assessed for various activities will add up for each candidate with a goal of reaching 130 total points or more. The four main point categories are:

  1. Activities in Aerospace Points
  2. Communication Points
  3. Education & Experience in Aerospace Medicine Points
  4. Extreme Environments & Related Activities Points
Details for each of the point areas can be found in the AsMA Fellows Evaluation Committee Points Calculations Sheet.


AsMA Fellows Scholarship

One of the stated purposes of the AsMA Foundation is "To provide scholarships for the purpose of underwriting, in whole or in part, the cost of registration fees, transportation, a meal per diem, or any other valid fees or expenses incurred by eligible students or residents in relation to their attendance at one or more scholarly meetings on topics related to aerospace medicine". The AsMA Foundation delegated to the AsMA Fellows Group the task to develop and administer a scholarship program to accomplish the previously stated purpose. Therefore, the AsMA Fellows Scholarship Committee (AsMA-FSC) was formed to establish the "AsMA Fellows Scholarship". The amount of this scholarship is currently set at $2,000 U.S. for the 1st Place and $1,000 for the 2nd Place and it is given annually to an AsMA member who is a student in an aerospace medicine residency program, graduate program in aerospace medicine (Masters or Ph.D.), medical certificate or aerospace diploma course, or in a full time education/training program in the allied fields of nursing, physiology, human factors, psychology, ergonomics, engineering, etc. Selection criteria include delivering a slide or poster presentation as a first author at the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting and then publishing a manuscript as first author in Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance (AMHP) based on the same topic and/or material covered in the slide or poster presentation. The scholarship winner is selected among all the qualified applicants based on the highest scientific value, originality, quality and relevance of his/her AsMA presentation and AMHP manuscript related to the field of aerospace medicine (including allied scientific disciplines) as determined by the AsMA-FSC. Special consideration is given to those applicants who are at an early stage in their career development. The scholarship must be used for the purpose of underwriting, in whole or in part, the cost of registration fees, transportation, hotel accommodations, or any other valid fees or expenses incurred by the winner in relation to his/her attendance at one or more scholarly meetings on topics related to aerospace medicine.  A full description of this scholarship and an application form can be found here.  Application deadline is January 31.

view the public announcement of the 2022 asma fellows scholarship winners here.

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Associate Fellowship honors members of the Aerospace Medical Association who have contributed to the Association in a positive manner. A candidate for Associate Fellow must be a full member of AsMA for at least 5 years. Applications for Associate Fellowship are reviewed by the Associate Fellows Group and submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. Each winter, qualified AsMA members receive an invitation to submit an application for AFG membership. Successful candidates are inducted at the AFG Breakfast each year during the annual Scientific Meeting. Interested applicants can submit their Curriculum Vitae (CV) throughout the year to afgmembership@gmail.com.

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For more information on becoming an Associate Fellow or to maintain active participation in the Associate Fellows Group: