2017 Posters

Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 10 AM

   Abstract 279: U.S. Army Hypobaric Chamber Exposure: Descriptive Epidemiology of Adverse Events, 2014-2016; A.K. Vargo, C.A. Myatt, D.J. Preczewski, J.J. Pavelites, and S.J. Gaydos
   Abstract 281: The Relationships Among Physical Fitness, Physical Activity, and Time of Useful Conciousness; A. Liang and S. Lee
   Abstract 282: Cardiac Arrest During Hypobaric Chamber Training; M. Nehring
   Abstract 290: Differences in Cervical and Trunk Neuromuscular Characteristics Between Blackhawk Pilots and Crew Chiefs; H. Huang, T. Nagai, J.P. Abt, T.C. Sell, B.W. Smalley, M.D. Wirt, and S. M. Lephart
    Abstract 291: Analysis of the G Environment During a Red Bull Air Race; M.B. LaPelusa, D.G. Newman, R. Callister, and L. Hrebien
   Abstract 292: Neck Injury Criteria Development for system Level Ejection Testing; Comparison of ATD and Human Response to GY Accelerative Input; S.J. Statva, J. Parr, M.E. Miller, and C.E. Perry
   Abstract 293: Neck Pain Prevalence on French Fighter Aircraft Crew: Observational Study Among 311 Flying Crew Members; F. Raynaud, C. Dussault, J. Monin, E. Perrier, N. Koulmann, and S. Coste

   Abstract 294: Influence of Changing Gravity and Exerted Exhalation - Linkage Between Oxygen Uptake and Cardiac Output; U. Hoffmann, J. Koschate, U. Drescher, and A. Werner

Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 1:30 PM

   Abstract 362: Use of FNIRS to Assess Airmens’ Trust in Automation; A.K. Heironimus, S. Guznov, and M. Pfahler
   Abstract 363: Individual Differences in Adaptability for Long Duration Space Missions; P.T. Bartone, G. Krueger, R. Roland, A.A. Sciarretta, J.V. Bartone, and B. Johnsen
   Abstract 369: History of Motion Sickness Does Not Correlate With Experienced Sickness: a Head-Mounted Display; S. Beadle, A. Kinsella, M.L. Wilson, M. St. Pierre, and E. Muth
   Abstract 370: Hawkeye Habitability: a Seat Cushion Evaluation; B. Cox, D. Bergquist-Turori, D. Jones, C. Acheson, and J. Heaney
   Abstract 372: Comparison of Pilot Scan Patterns During Unusual Attitude Recovery in Glass vs. Analogue Cockpits; S. Pingali and D.G. Newman
   Abstract 377: Parsing Out the Influence of Practice and Testing Fatigue on Cognitive Performance; N. Beasley, V. Schroeder, and D. Huber
   Abstract 378: Subjective Fatigue Is Influenced by Duty Duration Among Short-Haul Airline Pilots; L. Arsintescu, J.B. Mulligan, M.S. Feary, J.L. Nowinski, and E. Flynn-Evans
   Abstract 380: Test-Retest Reliability of Computer Based Binocular Function Measures; M. Gavrilescu, R. Karas, D. White, P. Gibbs, A. Douglass, L. Abel, D. Doyle, M. Winterbottom, and S. Hadley
   Abstract 381: Army Aircrew Members Perspectives on Use of Dietary Supplements and Energy Drinks; A.S. Bukhari, J.A. Caldwell, A.J. DiChiara, E.P. Merrill, A.O. Wright, and H.R. Lieberman
   Absract 382: Determinants of Sleep Quality in Air Force Cadets During Basic Flight Training; K. Chiang, C. Lai, Y. Hsin, H. Chu, and C. Lai
   Abstract 383: Development of a Color Palette Designed to Improve Usability for Individuals With Color-Vision Deficiencies; N. Milburn, D. Post, and K. Gildea
   Abstract 386: Operational Based Vision Assessment Collaborative Research: Automated Stereo Testing; M. Winterbottom, A. Yang, J.P. Gaska, S. Lin, F. Tey, and S.C. Hadley

Thursday, May 4, 2017, 10 AM

   Abstract 448: The Research Aircraft of the German Academy for Aviation and Travel Medicine: First Inflight Measurements; A. Gens, C. Gammel, U. Stuben, and C. Ledderhos
   Abstract 449: Performance Criteria Considerations for Transport Aircraft Passenger Oxygen Technologies; R.P. Garner
   Abstract 450: Medical Concerns With Temporary Shelters in Natural Disasters in Japan; O. Tokumaru, J. Kumatani, Y. Minamikawa, S. Nagai, M. Fujita, K. Takada, and T. Nakamori
   Abstract 452: A Novel Approach to Teaching Preventive Medicine in a Military Field Exercise; M. Brueggemeyer
   Abstract 454: A Comparison of Two Lead-Based Cardiac Ambulatory Recording Devices Measuring In-Flight R-R Intervals: a Zephyr™ Biomodule™ & Phillips Holter Monitor; J.S. Leibig, G.M. Rice, and D.H. Snider
   Abstract 455: Ultra-Compact Anesthetic Gas Inhalation Aid Device for Zero Gravity and Multigravitational Environments; N. Ishikita and C. Salicrup
   Abstract 456: Decommissioning of the Simulation Water Tank (WETS) at JAXA Tsukuba Space Center; K. Shimada
   Abstract 458: Necessity of a Robust Psychopharmaceutical Formulary Aboard Long-Duration Deep Space Missions; E. Friedman
   Abstract 461: Hand Hygiene on the International Space Station; E.S. Nowak

Thursday, May 4, 2017, 1:30 PM

   Abstract 499: How Confident Are Britain’s General Practitioners in the Field of Aviation Medicine?; M.K. Cairns
   Abstract 502: Cardiac Outcomes in U.S. First Class Airmen Who Underwent aStent or CABG Procedure; V. Skaggs, A. Norris, T.R. Chidester, A.L. Criales Vargas, and V.H. Tejera
   Abstract 503: Development of a Proof-Of-Concept Mobile Pain Assessment Application for En Route Patient Care; B. Fouts, M.A. Wilson, D.S. Burch, and C. Butkus
   Abstract 505: Evaluation of Combat Arms Exposure to Emissions from Copper-Based Frangible Ammunition; R. Erich and A. Pujolar
   Abstract 506: Not Just a Window Seat: Transcontinental Flight Induced Olfactory Window; R. Dhir and A.R. Hirsch
   Abstract 507: Altitude Induced Changes to the Blood Brain Barrier’s Permeability Adversely Impact Patient Safety in Aeromedical Evacuation; M. Kirk, N. Grobe, and R.R. Chapleau
   Abstract 511: Intranasal Scopolamine Spray Provides Motion Sickness Protection While Demonstrating Rapid Absorption Rates and No Impact on Cognitive Performance; D. Geyer, J. Gomez, E. Littman, W. Becker, M. Tapia, and R. Lee
   Abstract 515: Profiles and Duty Limiting Conditions: Two New Clinical Models to Standardize Provider Decision-Making and Increase Service Member Availability; J.H. Christian and D.W. Siktberg