Award Nominations

Award Nominations

Nominate a deserving person for an AsMA award. Any member of the Association may submit a nomination for the AsMA awards by following the rules below.

Award recipients are selected by vote of the Awards Committee: each committee member reviews the nomination forms and ranks the candidates based on the significance of the accomplishments cited, their relevance to the specific award, and the timeliness of the nomination. The committee chairperson does not vote and is not eligible for an award during his/her tenure. The Chair breaks ties based upon all known factors surrounding the award nomination.

Committee members may receive awards during service on the committee, but they cannot vote on the award they are in competition for—the Chair votes in their place. Traditionally, the preferential voting method has been used. It is an Association policy that committee membership broadly represents both the disciplines of Association membership and the constituent organizations which are part of the Association, and that committee members rotate every 3-5 years.




  • The nominee must be a current member of the Association by Feb. 1 in the year in which the award may be given, with the sole exception that the Sidney D. Leverett, Jr., Environmental Science Award is open to nonmembers.
  • Employees of a company sponsoring an award are eligible to receive the award. Self-nomination is not allowed. Deceased members may be nominated.
  • Nominations for the Tuttle Award must cite a specific paper printed in Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance. The award will be given to the first author, with co-authors that are AsMA members receiving co-author recognition.
  • Nominations for the Leverett Environmental Science Award may be awarded for a cited paper printed in Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance, or it can be awarded for activities conducted in support of aerospace systems operations.  If awarded for a cited paper in Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance, the award will be given to the first author, with co-authors that are AsMA members receiving co-author recognition.
  • An individual can only receive one award in any one year. The same individual may receive an award more than once, so long as five years have elapsed between the last time that award was won by that same awardee. The exception is the Bauer Award, as this award is only given once to an individual.
  • Nominations are good for three years from the original award nomination. They may be updated. If substantial material has changed for the same award within that three-year cycle—a new nomination should be submitted.
  • The form is available on the AsMA website. You may either submit the nomination directly from the website or you may download the nomination form into your computer for e-mailing as a pdf document attachment. Nomination forms sent via e-mail should be addressed to the Awards Committee Chair, Jeff Myers, at; and Ms. Gisselle Vargas at AsMA Headquarters ( If e-mail is not available, you can send a hard copy of the form via normal mail to: Aerospace Medical Association, 320 South Henry St, Alexandria, VA 22314; or fax to the AsMA Home Office: (703)739-9652. Any auxiliary biographical material in electronic or hard copy attachments must be limited to 3 typed pages and will be retained in Association files.
  • Nominations received after Jan. 15th will be considered for awards to be presented at the annual meeting in the next calendar year.

There is an Award Nomination Form (download form to your computer then fill in the form) with instructions in pdf format for e-mailing as an attachment. If e-mail is not available, the form may be postal-mailed or faxed.

View the list of past award winners (updated May 2015).