Medical Guidelines for Air Travel

The Medical Guidelines for Airline Travel, 2nd Ed., was published by the Aerospace Medical Association to provide information for health care professionals to enable them to properly advise patients with preexisting illness who plan to travel by air.

The Aerospace Medical Association is in the process of updating the Medical Guidelines for Airline Trave, 2nd Ed.  This revision and all future updates will focus on specific sections rather than updating the entire document.  The Medical Guidelines for Airline Travel will now become a living document and will be updated more frequently to reflect the best medical information available.  To meet this new commitment to the airline traveling public, the Aerospace Medical Association is coordinating with world-class medical specialty societies that have published medical guidelines for airline travle specific to their medical specialty.  Our Medical Guidelines for Airline Travel will now provide a link to those medical specialty societies' guidelines for airline travel to ensure the most accurate information is available to physicians and airline travelers.