Medical Publications for Airline Travel

Health Tips for Airline Travel

Because of a growing interest by the public of health issues associated with commercial flying, the Aerospace Medical Association prepared this brochure for interested air travelers. It is informational only and should not be interpreted by the reader as prescriptive. If the traveler has any questions about fitness to fly, it is recommended that he or she consult a physician.


Managing In-Flight Medical Events (Guidance Material for Health Professionals)

This guidance document has been developed primarily for medical practitioners who volunteer to provide assistance on board and for those who wish to understand the background to airline provision of on-board first aid and medical care.

Medical Guidelines for Airline Travel, 2nd Edition

Provides information for physicians to enable them to properly advise patients with preexisting illness who plan to travel by air.


Child Restraint Systems and Airline Travel

Provides a review of available child restraint systems and recommendations for those that can be used on commercial airline aircraft.

Cabin Air Quality

Two papers evaluating the current scientific evidence associated with cabin air quality and health issues.

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