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AsMA Position on Third Class Medical Certification

The Aerospace Medical Association Position Letter on the FAA third class medical certification requirement for private pilots was sent to the FAA Administrator and the nearly 200 members of the Congressional General Aviation Caucus on April 10, 2014.  The letter was prepared in response to the 2012 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's (AOPA) and Experimental Aircraft Association's (EAA) Petition for Exemption and the recent draft legislation in the US House of Representatives (HR 3708) and US Senate (S 2103).  These efforts all recommend eliminating the third class medical certificate for private pilots flying under specific restrictions and replacing the medical certificate with a valid state driver's license and mandatory medically-related training. Information related to the AOPA/EAA Petition for Exemption can be found here.  Read the draft legislation at HR 3708 and S 2103.

2013 AsMA Donors - Thank You

AsMA would like to thank the following organizations and individuals that so generously supported the Association in 2013:


  • Aerospace Human Factors Association
  • Aerospace Medical, PLC
  • Aerospace Medical Association of Korea
  • American Society of Aerospace Medicine Specialists (ASAMS)
  • AMST Systemtechnik GmbH (AMST)
  • Civil Aviation Medical Association (CAMA)
  • Eagle Applied Sciences
  • Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC)
  • French Society of Aviation and Space Medicine
  • Genevolve Vision Diagnostics, Inc.
  • Harvey Watt & Company
  • Impact Instrumentation, Inc.
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Mayo Clinic
  • SAIC
  • Society of NASA Flight Surgeons
  • Society of US Naval Flight Surgeons
  • Society of US Air Force Flight Surgeons
  • Wyle

  • Anzalone, Fanancy
  • Bacevice, Anthony E.
  • Belland, Kris
  • Bendrick, Gregg A.
  • Broadwell, David K.
  • Chase, Bruce
  • Cohen, Malcolm M.
  • Eisenbrey, A. Bradley
  • Hope, Jerry
  • Jurist, John
  • Merchant, P. Glenn
  • Musselman, Brian
  • Shender, Barry
  • Sventek, Jeffrey C.

AsMA has made every effort to assure this list is complete, but we acknowledge that errors may occur.  Please report any errors to AsMA.

Proposed Changes to AsMA Bylaws

In accordance with Article XII of the Bylaws of the Aerospace Medical Association, AsMA membership must be notified of proposed changes to the AsMA Bylaws "no less than 60 days prior to the annual meeting."  The proposed changes to the AsMA Bylaws are provided in the link below.  These proposed changes will be voted upon during the next Annual Business Meeting to be held Tuesday, May 13, 2014.  The meeting is open and all AsMa members are encouraged to attend (no lunch purchase is necessary to participate in the meeting).

View proposed changes to the AsMA Bylaws (pdf file).