89th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association

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Sunday, May 6, 2018 10:00 AM - Thursday, May 10, 2018 5:00 PM

89th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association

Location:Hilton Anatole Hotel, 2201 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207

Aerospace medicine is truly multi-disciplinary and international. Our presentations come from diverse experts who will enhance the world’s knowledge and understanding of the current challenges in Aerospace Medicine and demonstrate an impact on improving the health, safety, and human performance of those involved in aviation, space, and extreme environments. Our annual scientific meeting presents an opportunity to learn about the work of our colleagues from around the world, to share the knowledge and wisdom which we gain in our day-to-day work and practice, and is a great way to expand the overall community of aerospace medicine.

In “Synergy: The Power of Multidisciplinary Problem Solving,” our objective is to highlight the diverse nature of aerospace medicine and human performance. Issues associated with living and working in the aerospace environment are unique, and solutions rarely come from a single discipline. Only when we harness the collective power of thought and innovation from medicine, engineering, physiology, psychology, and social sciences do we obtain robust, sustainable solutions that protect and enhance human performance. As such, we have encouraged contributions from individuals and groups new to aerospace medicine who may realize that issues and their solutions addressed in support of space or military operations can be successfully leveraged for civilian and commercial applications. We invite everyone engaged in innovative and multidisciplinary research to join us at our annual scientific meeting where you will have the chance to interact with hundreds of aerospace specialists with a fresh perspective.

Based upon responses to a survey provided at the end of the 88th Annual Scientific Meeting in Denver, CO, the top 6 categories our members indicated a need for more information in were: 1) Human Performance/ Human Factors; 2) Aerospace Medicine; 3) Travel Medicine; 4) Space Medicine; 5) Operational Medicine; and 6) Accident Investigation. The 89th Annual Scientific Meeting program will be focused on these six major categories. Sessions will cover the latest findings in the fields of aviation and space medicine, human performance, and related fields such as aerospace nursing, aerospace physiology, and human systems integration.
Abstracts are centered on the meeting objectives, which are aligned with the theme. The participant will:
• Learn about evolving trends and best practices in aerospace medicine;
• Apply principles of evidence-based medicine, operational risk management, and aeromedical decision-making in aircrew selection and clinical aerospace medicine practice;
• Analyze mechanical, human performance, and systems integration factors in aviation mishaps and safety programs;
• Identify mechanical, biological, social, cognitive, environmental stress, and systems factors that impact on optimal human performance and decision making in the full spectrum of aerospace operations;
• Apply ethical principles to aerospace medicine decision-making and foster competency in professionalism and systems-based practice in the application of aerospace medicine skills, teamwork, and interoperability in a multi-disciplinary professional environment.

Learn more about the AsMA 89th Annual Scientific Meeting here.