1st International Congress on Current Issues of Aviation Medicine

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018 12:00 AM - Friday, October 19, 2018 12:00 AM

1st International Congress on Current Issues of Aviation Medicine


Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport, Aeroexpress terminal, Сorporate University АО «MASH»

In 2018 the Aviation Medicine Doctors Association (ABAM) is hosting the First Congress of Aviation Medicine with participation of European Society of Aerospace Medicine (ESAM). The purpose of the Congress is enhancing medical provision, developing preventive aviation medicine, fatigue risks management, supporting programs of health promotion of aviation personnel, providing their reliability and fitness that is crucially important in terms of flight safety.

Audience: Medical aviation examiners of Flight Expert Medical Commissions and aerospace medical  practitioners, physicians, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, psychologists, neurologists, surgeons, endocrinologists, tuberculosis coordinators, oncologists, urologists, psychiatrists as well as functional diagnosis and lab specialists.

Organizer: Aviation Medicine Doctors Association  (ABAM) *
Supported by: European Society of Aerospace Medicine ESAM

Technical organizer:  «Medicine Today» Co, Ltd.

Number of participants: 200
In frames of the Congress -  Exhibition of manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical drugs, treatment and diagnostic equipment, nutrition and biological active supplements, protective and emergency kits as well as software packages and devices for Aviation Medicine.

The Draft Program
 1. Medical flight expert assessment in civil aviation at its current stage.
1.1. Policies and regulations in the Russian Federation, accomplishment of the tasks assigned by the President of the Russian Federation on 29/04/2016 № 800.
1.2. Monitoring and analysis of health fitness of civil aviation personnel.
1.3. Clinical aspects of medical flight assessment: examination protocols and medical evaluation criteria on civil aviation aircrew members with chronic illnesses.
1.4. Treatment and rehabilitation of civil aviation personnel affected by different kinds of illnesses. Medical clearance for aviation duties after treatment and rehabilitation.
1.5. The order of establishment and designation of Flight Expert Medical Commissions of Civil Aviation.
1.6. Existing Training programs on required competence in aviation medicine and medical flight expertise provided for Chairmen of Flight Expert Medical Commissions and designated medical examiners.
1.7 Data evaluation and risk management in Flight Safety System.
2. Medical dynamic supervision and follow-up monitoring of civil aviation personnel within the period between examinations performed by responsible aviation medicine practitioners of airlines.
2.1. Fostering healthy lifestyle and delivering preventive procedures to civil aviation personnel.
3. Medical provision of flight operational safety.
3.1. In-flight medical emergencies. Strategies and procedures of medical assistance for passengers.  
3.1.1. Medical clearance to meet applicable requirements for passengers.
3.2. First aid medical equipment and supplies for aircrafts.
3.3. Reasons for grounding at pre-flight medical check-ups.
4. Collaboration between Aviation Medicine Doctors Association (ABAM) and European Society of Aerospace Medicine (ESAM).
4.1. Report from ESAM President on activities of the European Society of Aerospace Medicine.
4.2. Main scientific goals of ESAM (Advisory Board Committee report).
4.3. Joint meeting of ESAM (EC) Executive Committee and АВАМ Presidium.