March President's Page

March 03, 2023

March President's Page

Expanding Girls Awareness in Science and Engineering Month
Susan Northrup, M.D., M.P.H., FAsMA

Ten months into my tenure as President, I’ve come to realize the most significant challenge of the role is coming up with monthly columns that are interesting and thought provoking. Last month, I used National Heart Month as my inspiration. I thought I’d try that again. There are a bewildering number of days, weeks, and month-long themes in March—from National Peanut Lovers Day March 1st to World Back Up Day March 31st. A couple stood out to me: Hug a GI Day March 4th, National Dentists Day March 6th (which they share with National Oreo Day), Doctor’s Day March 30th, and finally, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day March 26th. It is also Women’s History Month, National Ethics Awareness Month, and Expanding Girls Awareness in Science and Engineering Month to name a few. And how can I leave out Pi Day? We do have a lot to celebrate and some themes resonate with me.
   I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the Women in Aviation Singapore Chapter. They are a relatively new chapter, but so full of excitement and drive to open the field of aviation to not just girls and young women but to all youth. Forty women strong, they are a group of pilots, engineers, security specialists, and air traffic controllers, ranging from general aviation to major aircraft manufacturers and government representatives. They asked really good questions and gave me many interesting viewpoints that made me think about communication processes and novel ways of considering issues. If you ever have the opportunity, I recommend you consider meeting with groups that bring varying viewpoints. It should come as no surprise the Expanding Girls Awareness in Science and Engineering Month got my attention after meeting with this group. Think what we could do!
   National Ethics Awareness month reminded me of AsMA’s efforts in providing opportunities to meet state requirements for annual ethics training for licensure. AsMA was one of the first organizations to recognize the need and met it head on with ethics panels and discussions in Council and other societies. One more example of what our Association does for us.
   Finally, how much fun could we have with Make Up Your Own Holiday Day? Maybe it is time for a National Aerospace Medicine and Human Factors Day. It is certainly something to ponder….
   And, just as a reminder, registration is open for our Annual Scientific Meeting. Remember the price goes up the longer you
wait! See you in May!

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