July Presidents Page

June 24, 2015

July Presidents Page

Human Performance and the Year of the Aerospace Medicine Professional
Kris Belland , D.O., M.B.A., M.P.H, M.S.S., C.P.E.

After excellent feedback from membership, I want to improve on my first President’s page theme. The refined theme for this year will be “Human Performance and the Year of the Aerospace Medicine Professional.” This better represents the broad and diverse AsMA membership and also gives focus to a common thread across the Aerospace Medical enterprise, which is Human Performance (HP). HP is an evolving area where AsMA members are lead and change agents.

AsMA’s Strategic and Business Plan

A strong strategic and business plan results in increased value to an organization’s members. After several years of outside threats to AsMA income, AsMA Executive Committee (ExCom) has worked diligently to improve our stability and to ensure our credibility well into the future. These efforts have resulted in the implementation of an AsMA Strategic and Business Plan (ASBP). AsMA Council and ExCom are entering into the third year of the ASBP process, and we have made multiple gains, including increased membership, increased value to AsMA members, strengthened finances, and improved service to all of our members. We are well into accomplishing our goal of financial independence and creating an organization that will remain relevant well into the next century. We identify our customers as recipients and beneficiaries of the AsMA brand. They include AsMA Members, the Aerospace Community, and the World. The following are those customers’ expectations:

   • AsMA Members expect sound governance and a financial structure to ensure continuity.
   • AsMA Members require opportunities for professional growth and development.
   • The Aerospace Community requires world-class education and research opportunities.
   • The World requires aerospace medical representation and advocacy.

   To fulfill member expectations, we have established five goal areas, headed up by each of our five AsMA Vice Presidents (VP) and supported by their AsMA Committees. Many of these goals are worked across domains and require integration between goal champions, which will be accomplished at monthly Executive Committee virtual meetings.

David Gradwell, AsMA President Elect and VP for Governance/Finance

Governance Goals: provide aggressive marketing and branding of AsMA; lead AsMA to prosperity via the strategic and business plan. Governance Committee Chairs include Denise Baisden for Bylaws, James DeVoll for Finance, and Jim Webb for Nominating.

Roland Vermeiren, VP for International Services

International Goals: provide opportunities for professional growth; advance international experience. International Committee Chair is Yael Barr.

Ellis Boudreau, VP for Education & Research

E&R Goals: provide opportunities for research; provide vibrant AsMA scientific program. Education & Research Committee Chairs include Keith Ruskin and Joe Cohn for Aerospace Human Performance, Jim Elliott for Aerospace Safety, Alex Garbino for Education and Training, Walt Dalitsch for History and Archives, and Bill Fraser for Science & Technology.

Valerie Martindale, VP for Member Services

Member Goals: be responsive to AsMA Members; grow AsMA Membership. Member Service Committee Chairs include Jeff Myers for Awards, Peter Lee for Corporate & Sustaining Membership, and Joe Dervay as Membership Chair.

Joe Ortega, VP for Representation & Advocacy

R&A Goals: represent AsMA membership to professional, commercial, and governmental organizations; provide Aerospace and Human Performance advocacy. Representation & Advocacy Committee Chairs include Paulo Alves for Air Transport Medicine, Douglas Boyd for Resolutions, Deb White and Rob Carpenter for Communications, Joe Ortega and Dan Shoor as Delegates to the AMA, Susan Northrop, Joe Ortega, and Cheryl Lowery as Aerospace Medicine Trustees to the ABPM, Warren Silberman and Dan Berry as Delegates to the AOA, and David Alexander as AsMA’s representative to the CAMTS.

   As the year progresses, we will discuss each Vice President’s area and complete an extensive exploration of their AsMA initiatives. To assist with the overall advancement of AsMA via the ASBP, please consider joining AsMA committees. Your efforts will help make AsMA even more credible and relevant for decades to come. Go to, log into the Members Only section, find a Committee Chair, and e-mail them with your interest to join. Thank you for your continued service to AsMA!