Bellagio II: International Summit on Space Medicine

September 26, 2017

Bellagio II: International Summit on Space Medicine

Moltrasio, Italy, September 5-8, 2017


In September, about 35 members of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) and the Aerospace Medicine Student and Resident Organization (AMSRO) attended a small conference in Moltrasio, on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. The meeting was organized by Past President of AsMA Marian Sides, Ph.D. [see photo below], Smith L. Johnston, M.D., Peter Lee, M.D., Lloyd Tripp, Ph.D., and Eilis Boudreau, M.D. It was supported by the Corporate Forum. There were many other AsMA members who worked on organizing and supporting this effort. The participants came from a dozen different countries. Some had attended the first Bellagio Space Medicine Summit held in 2004.
   The objectives of Bellagio II were to identify space medicine findings and countermeasures with the highest probability of future terrestrial applications and to develop a roadmap for translation of these prioritized space medicine research countermeasures to terrestrial health research and intervention development. In preparation, five teams conducted literature reviews and identified knowledge gaps as well as areas for consideration for translational medicine. Then, over the course of 3.5 days, presentations were given by those teams in Genetics, Hazards of the Environment, Nutrition and Food Systems, Behavioral Health, and Physical Fitness. There was a video conference call with astronauts Ellen Baker and Michael Barratt. After a thorough review of the topics, the teamwork of creating abstracts for presentation at AsMA’s 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting in Dallas began. In the coming weeks and months, participants will continue to work on those areas identified as high return, to produce presentations and a publication communicating the terrestrial value of medical advances made in the pursuit of manned space exploration.
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   In the photo to the right, from left to right, Adam Sirek, Smith Johnston, and Rebecca Blue prepare Bellagio abstracts for the 2018 AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting.

    In the photo above, attendees at the Bellagio meeting work on abstracts for the 2018 AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting.
   The photo to the right shows a view of Moltrasio and Lake Como.

[Photos by Pamela Day]