Aerospace Human Factors Association Awards

July 24, 2013

Aerospace Human Factors Association Awards

The Aerospace Human Factors Association (AsHFA) held its luncheon and awards jointly with the Aerospace Physiology Society (AsPS) on May 15.

Roscoe Award

AsHFA Awards Chair Bill Albery and President Valerie Martindale present the Roscoe Award to LT David Rozovski for the Roscoe Award for his dissertation, "Design, Development, and Testing of a Conformal Power Control Interface for Thrust Vectoring Aircraft.”

Collins Award

Dr. Owe (right) of the Lecture In 2014. University of Oslo accepts the Collins Award on behalf of Dr. John Leach from AsHFA Awards Chair Bill Albery and Treasurer Tom Nesthus. Dr. Leach won the award for his publication, “Maladaptive Behavior in Survivors: Dysexecutive Survivor Syndrome,” ASEM 2012; 83:1152-1161.

Taylor Award Lecturer

AsHFA President Valerie Martindale and AsHFA Awards Chair Bill Albery present William Ercoline with the Taylor Award. Dr. Ercoline gave the 2013 Taylor Lecture at the combined Aerospace Physiology and Aerospace Human Factors Luncheon.

Collins and Taylor Awards

Dr. John Leach, Center for the Study of Human Cognition at the Psychology Department, University of Oslo, 2013 Collins Award Winner. Dr. Lloyd Tripp, Jr., Program Manager, Aerospace Physiology & Toxicology, Air Force Research Laboratory, Taylor Award Winner 2013, will give the Taylor Lecture in 2014.



AsHFA Fellows

From left, AsHFA Fellows Group Chair Mal Cohen, new Fellows Kris Belland, Leon Hrebien, and Cynthia Brown, and outgoing President Valerie Martindale. Not shown, new Fellows Jay Miller and William Fraser.

AsHFA and AsPS Presidents

Passing the Stick: Outgoing AsHFA president Valerie Martindale hands the stick to incoming president Cynthia Brown. Joint Meeting: AsHFA President Valerie Martindale and AsPS President Andy Woodrow congratulate each other on the successful Combined AsPS and AsHFA Luncheon.