A Tour of the AsMA Web Site

February 23, 2018

A Tour of the AsMA Web Site

by Rachel Trigg, Assistant to the Managing Editor & Web Editor

The Aerospace Medical Association’s (AsMA’s) web site has been around since 1997. It received a redesign in the summer of 2012, giving it its current look. In mid-2014, the Association created Facebook and Twitter accounts to compliment the web site and to allow other avenues of communication. This is a brief overview on where to find information on the web site.
   On the homepage (seen to the left), in the rotator at the top left, are links to annual meeting registration (generally from January through April), aerospace medicine in commercial and general aviation, human performance, space medicine, and other relevant interests. In the right-hand column are the public announcements, Passenger Travel Info, Ask an Expert, and the Question of the Day. There are also sections for Events, AsMA News, Industry News, and Become a Member. Across the top are menu choices in blue, with subsections listed when the pointer hovers over them. In each of these sections throughout the site, there is a left-hand column of links available in that section.
   Below the blue menu line are three menu choices with a white background. The ‘For the Public’ section describes AsMA and provides links to useful information for the public. The ‘For Corporations’ section describes corporate membership, including benefits, and lists the current Corporate and Sustaining Members. The ‘For Students and Residents’ section again describes AsMA, contains a video parody of ‘Gagnam Style’ called ‘NASA Johnson Style,’ and contains useful information for students and residents, including scholarships.

Members Only Page
As a benefit to our members, a Members Only site was created to allow members complimentary access to the archives and current journal, staff contact information, Fellow and Associate Fellow information, award nominations, a job fair and classifieds section, the ability to update member information, and more. Accessing the Members Only site requires a log in, which can be found at the top right-hand corner of the home page. Once logged into the Members Only page, the links in the left-hand column allow access to Member Information such as viewing or updating information, changing your password, tracking CME and MoC, Committees, and searching member data. There are also Member Services, such as registering for the annual meeting, an archive of AsMA blast e-mails, AsMA Council minutes, and other information of use to members.
   Member news and announcements can also be found on the Members Only page in the center section. These include new members, news of members, and other announcements of interest to AsMA’s members. Under the news and announcements are a second set of links to the current journal (2003–present) and the archives (1930–2002).

About AsMA
This section includes information on AsMA such as its history, careers available in aerospace medicine and related fields, constituent organizations, affiliates, and related organizations and sites. There is also a general overview, which includes a video about aerospace medicine professionals, and general information on the Association.

An overview of AsMA membership, benefits, descriptions of individual and corporate membership, and links for applying can be found here. The various membership types, such as full, life, student, etc., are described in the Membership section. Both the overview and the benefits sub-sections list the reasons for becoming a member while the individual and corporate sub-sections give the definitions of those types of membership. The Apply sub-section provides links to the application forms either online or in pdf form.

This is where publications other than the journal can be found. These include the Medical Publications for Airline Travel, the Lessons Learned from STS-107 Columbia, and Aerospace Mental Health. The general Publications page includes information on how to access the online journal; resolutions, position papers, and policy letters; and medical publications for airline travel. The resolutions, position papers, and policy letters page is the policy compendium containing links to AsMA policy positions since 1991; there is also a link to this page in the Association Info section. The medical publications page includes Health Tips for Airline Travel, Medical Considerations for Airline Travel, Managing In-Flight Medical Events, Child Restraint Systems and Airline Travel, and Cabin Air Quality. The Aerospace Mental Health page discusses pilot mental health, with links to the report of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Pilot Mental Health, a presentation on pilot mental health, AsMA pilot mental health recommendations, a letter to the Editor of the Journal of Environmental Health regarding pilot mental health, answers to questions in response to the Germanwings Airbus 320 crash in 2015, and a link to the report on that crash. Aeromedical Lessons Learned from STS-107 Columbia provides a link to the report entitled “Loss of Signal” regarding that mishap.

News and Events
This section is where public announcements, events, industry news, the newsletters, AsMA news, and the archive of past newsletters can be found. Industry News contains news about AsMA’s Corporate & Sustaining Members while AsMA News is where news relating to AsMA, its members, and related groups is posted. The Newsletters page is where the newsletters from 2015 onward can be found; newsletters from 2003 to 2014 are found on the AsMA News Archive page. The Announcements page contains announcements of interest to AsMA members and the general public; links to the first few of these can be seen on the right-hand side of the home page. The Events page is one of the places where meetings of groups outside of AsMA are posted.

Scientific Meetings
This page describes AsMA’s annual scientific meeting and provides links to the Call for Papers (generally available around August through the end of October); registration links for the hotel(s) and meeting; abstract submission and presenter instructions; the schedule page containing links to documents relevant to the meeting such as the meeting brochure, the day-at-a-glance schedule for the meeting, and FAA seminar information; exhibit information; meeting tourism and travel information; proceedings of past meetings; a photo gallery; and a list of future annual meetings. Links to other meetings outside of AsMA are also found in this section in the Other Meetings page, which contains the FAA AME Seminar schedule for the year and a list of upcoming meetings and calls for papers.

Continuing Education
This section describes CME and MoC and contains links for certifications and the CME mission statement and polices. Certifications discusses what is required for certification in aerospace medicine and in aerospace physiology. The CME Mission Statement and CME Policies pages lay out AsMA’s description of CME and its policies related to CME such as commercial exhibits, commercial support and financial disclosure, and procedures governing honoraria.

Last, but not least, is the Journal section, containing the public links for reading the journal online (members can access the journal for free by logging in to the Members Only section), how to submit an article, subscribing, subscription rates, reprints, staff, copyrights, the Clinical Index, and journal advertisement. The Read the Journal page contains links to IngentaConnect for the journal from 2003 to the present and to Mira for the archives from 1929 to 2002. The Reprints page gives information on how to order reprints and provides a link to the Copyrights/Linking/Permissions page, which contains the journal’s policies for permissions, linking, and copyrights. The Clinical Index page provides a link to the index of clinically related articles (including You’re the Flight Surgeon articles) published since 1930 and was updated in 2017. Submit an Article gives brief guidance on submitting an article to the journal, including reviewer guidance and author instructions and brief instructions for some of the feature articles in the journal (i.e., letters to the Editor, case reports, YTFS articles, and book reviews). The Subscribe page talks about how to subscribe and how to access the journal if you are a current subscriber while the Subscription Rates & Information page lays out how to subscribe, rates, and information on ordering individual copies of the journal such as supplements.

We hope this brief guide will prove useful both to those unfamiliar with AsMA’s web site and those who have used it before. Questions or comments about the site can be directed to or