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【interest free credit card transfer with no transfer fees 】 "Guan Shu, it's been four years." 。

He was covered in bruises, lying in the school confinement room. Guan Shu swore that he would never like Shen Yao again.

"Such vigilance can be regarded as this outstanding special soldier?" The beautiful voice sounded again, with disdain and sarcasm in his tone.

Shen Yao buried her whole body in his arms, he frowned unbearably, and announced a few numbers intermittently and tremblingly.

Shen Yao glanced at the wall clock, it was almost eleven o'clock now. He hesitated for a while, but still asked, "Is it convenient for me to come here now?"

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Feeling the omega's arms around his waist, Xu Yibai bent down. In the dead of night at the door of the apartment, he gently kissed Shen Yao's lips.
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At the same time, several bullets hit the ground that Mike had just rolled over, causing sparks. If it wasn't for Mike's skill, he would have been hit by those bullets long ago!
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The bartender outside the door was no longer there, but the assistant Qian Yan Zhixing he had seen last time was left behind. Shen Yao paused, trying to pass him and go straight down.
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"Of course I know that there is a difference between love and games." Shen Yao's eyes were sincere, "We are in love, so every word of liking that I said at that time was sincere."
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Guan Shu secretly circled around Shen Yao every day, as long as it was what Shen Yao said, he remembered every word in his heart, running back and forth for Shen Yao. After helping Shen Yao to deal with everything, I have time to tell him "Shen Yao is really troublesome", and complaining is like showing off.
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At this time, on the other side, Jiang Dahai looked extremely happy after his position as the captain of the bodyguard was restored, and he smiled brightly. In his office, a group of leggy bodyguards were all flattering, as if Jiang Dahai was better than Ye Tianhe.
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At this moment, Xu Dahui's expression turned extremely ugly when he saw his subordinates in the Sanlian branch yelling at him! He was about to open his mouth to say something, when Chu Shaoyan came in from the corner of his eye, he swallowed back the words that came to his lips and said, "It just so happens that Mr. Chu is here, let's see how Mr. Chu handles it."
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He always wanted to wait until Shen Yao voluntarily told him that he finally knew a little of Shen Yao's secret, but it was in this situation. Xu Yibai couldn't say any comforting words, he could only say "Sorry".
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