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"Brother An's mind, Wang really admires." ... banks give bad credit loans

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At this moment, An Ran is like a child who suddenly got his favorite toy. He repeatedly entered and exited the five-color thunder sea, experiencing the mystery of this spell. ...

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The reason why the Grassland Royal Court wanted to play tricks was precisely because his strength was not enough to confront Xianqin head-on.

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In the eyes he looked at An Ran, there was only a strong killing intent left!

Only that would be another story entirely.

Sancunding seemed to be frightened, he stared at his legs, rolled his eyes on the spot and fainted from fright.

After pondering for a while, the young guard decided to persuade him: "My lord, your body is too weak, and the immortal energy in the Nine Heavens Boundary Monument is too strong. As the saying goes, the deficiency cannot be replenished. You may not be able to bear the nourishment of the immortal energy. As for you seeing something that doesn't exist..."

The smile on Qiuhong's face was still there, but his expression froze there.

Liu Jixian once again opened his mouth wide, showing no grace at all.

"What do you want me to cut?"

"As for me, I'm still just that Wangxiantai. Even if I want to exert my peak strength, I must be urged by someone."

Of course, whether the Taiming Sword needs maintenance or not is still unknown.

Every time I press F to enter, only one stele appears. .

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"Don't worry, I'm just looking at what Brother An wants to do." .

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