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"You have the temperament of a star, and you are more beautiful than them..." Mr. Li said admiringly, "Your temperament is outstanding, and you are the most beautiful and extraordinary woman I have seen in my life. Although Eastern women and Western women Your beauty is very different, but your beauty transcends the boundaries and differences between the two."

Chu Shaoyan always felt that the intentions of these girls entering the villa were not simple. Is it just to occupy the space between him and Shangguan Zetian, so that the two cannot deepen their relationship?

When Chu Shaoyan took Jin Shangbang to the next door, one of the tall, thin men with glasses shouted very forcefully: "Chu Shaoyan, let us go immediately! Our Li family is in the political and business circles of Guangnan Province." But the power is extraordinary..."

Jin Shangbang stood up at the right time and said: "Master Chu means that we will create an alliance information communication and processing system, so that everyone can communicate with each other, and at the same time increase the intensity of information processing to find out what is beneficial to us!"

"Fuck! Put the gun down!" a mercenary roared.

"Bad guy, don't leave me with my first kiss, don't leave me with my first love, what will he do when I become a bride at the age of 60? I... I get angry when I think about it!"

"Which ones have his fingerprints?" Tao Qiang asked again.

Chu Shaoyan hesitated for a moment, and the policewoman couldn't help sneering on the phone: "Why, dare not come? Chu Shaoyan, are you Shangguan Zetian's slave?"

The next day, the group bid farewell to the reluctant Zhu Luo and embarked on a journey back home. .

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On the other side, Sister Yun, who had never witnessed such a special scene, froze for a while. Although she wanted to leave this place quickly in her mind, she couldn't even move her whole body, as if she had fallen into a special dream and was frozen. .

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