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【credit union for a small businnes loan 】 Speaking of this, Jiang Li suddenly asked: "You said that monks are rare, but I think the couriers outside are all sword cultivators, right?" 。

If Jiang Li were replaced by someone else, Feng Wuxi would find a way to run away, but when he thought of the million speed runes on Jiang Li's body, and then thought about his poor 100,000 speed runes, he immediately closed his eyes bitterly. . he ran? Did he escape?

As a result, Lao Hu's voice did not come, and a cheap voice came: "Both of these stupid horses, get out of here. Crow, come and pull the cart."

This person looks younger than him, and this human being looks extremely unreliable, but he was hit by such a person.

There are only a few words, and they all point directly at the tyranny of the Shang Dynasty, such as the punishment of cannon fire, poaching people's hearts into medicine, wine pond meat forest, Zihe cart, etc.

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"The chariot of the sun god, Arthur the Great is here!" Someone exclaimed.
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Seeing Jiang Li like this, Karl's expression became serious.
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Changlong paused: "Take a step and break your dog legs!"
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Some people refuted it, while others supported it. People on both sides set off a storm of debate on the Internet.
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These demons obviously didn't know Jiang Li, and when they saw Jiang Li coming in the opposite direction, they were taken aback for a moment. After confirming that Jiang Li was not a demon, they all came over screaming...
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Then Jiang Li and Lu Younan saw a small plastic bag stuffed into the crack of the door, Jiang Li picked it up and took a look, the small bag was square, squeezed with his hands, and there was a ring inside.
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There was only a bang.
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Because the news has been updated again, it is no longer a photo, a video, but a complete set of photos, plus words
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