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【when a mortgage holder dies 】 If he is seen by the Gu Master using Tiger Claw, will the Gu Master regard him as an ordinary person, or a different kind, or directly regard him as a Gu Master? 。

"What's the use of untouchables? If only I could get a blood fire Gu..."

After getting the roe deer skin Gu, it was immediately captured and integrated.

But the speaker has no intention, but the listener has the heart.

Left fist, right claw, fist attack, claw attack.

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"Although I really want to try the function of transformation, I don't have any extra Gu worms to try. Continue to integrate into Gu worms and improve my strength to protect myself, which is the top priority."
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"Although there is some knowledge about Gu masters and Gu insects in the memory of my predecessor, it is not systematic enough. The next enemy I will face is Gu masters, so I have to relearn the basic knowledge of Gu masters."
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