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Jiang Li said: "Stop bragging, come and tell me where all your evil spirits are hiding. Aren't you awesome? I'll go to your lair and see what you have to dare to look down on human beings so much .” ...

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Kicking a dog on his leg away, Jiang Li said, "Stand there calmly and don't move. If you mess around again, I'll roast you!"

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Hei Lian leaned over: "If you like someone, just kick open the door and carry it upstairs. I guess there are quite a few double beds upstairs."

Jiang Li reached out to grab her, but when he really wanted to throw her into the sky, he hesitated.

Jiang Li went over and lifted it up: "Where are you going?"

The third prince sighed and said: "Eldest Prince, there is no need to do this. Although we usually have some conflicts, to put it bluntly, isn't it for power and profit? Now, our family property has been stolen. If we don't get together, we will have nothing."

Qingniu also woke up and found Jiang Li: "Brother, I'm really in a hurry, I have to take that kid away."

Jiang Li frowned: "The Su family also has a surname Bai?"

One of the sparrows waved its wings and shouted: "Look, my lord, I have lost all my hair, and that guy even cut a few knives on my wings. It's called delicious."

Jiang Li didn't bother to explain, so he glanced at Guxi Capital: "What? Who else are you going to compare with us?"

This is one of Luo Xuan's magic weapons for becoming famous. Clouds rise from thousands of miles, and it looks like a feather arrow can split countless, destroying heaven and earth.

People just saw Jiang Li standing on the city wall shouting vigorously that he surrounded a million people by himself, and demanded that the million people disarm and not kill. .

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Even the flower-picking old devil directly threatened that if given the chance, even if Karl was a man, he would still want to try... .

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