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Every time the cultivation level is upgraded, there will be one more natal Gu. .

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Jue Yang only reads the fairy book once in his life, but Su Ran can read the fairy book countless times by relying on the Vipassana Sutra. ...

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The second son's face did not change, he said lightly: "Old fifth, the domain power that Su Ran used in the daytime battle consumed a lot of power for him. His current state may not be 50% of that of the daytime. That domain skill, he Never use it, just fight."

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Ten Gu crossing immortals, ten mythical Gus of the same kind, nine-grade extreme, comprehend the same insect skills, gather together, first fight with each other, determine the strongest Gu, and after the strongest Gu is confirmed, the other nine Gu will disperse Get rid of power, help the strongest Gu transform skills into domains, successfully comprehend the power of the three domains, and become a Gu Immortal. "

With the fighting wheel in hand, we have the Tianzhu chess pieces, so we can enter the Immortal Battle Relic, but with the three of us, it is estimated that it will be difficult. I hope you can let go of the fighting wheel and let the Qushang Gu Academy and Banlan Gu Academy , People from Xiling Pavilion also participated. "

It seems that for the matter of breaking Tianyuan, the Yayoi sect's request for cooperation is to get the Tianzhu chess piece.

"It's not that easy. I have a lot of domain power left in my body. If I want to recover, I need a lot of secret spirit fruits. I can not die because I control a secret method called life hanging by a thread. I can't die no matter what. The secret method is recorded in the fairy book, but unfortunately you have already read the fairy book, so you can't learn it again."

How strong is Su Ran's physical body?

The three princes dare not move.

Su Ran's consciousness was blurred, and he felt that he was falling into an endless abyss. The further he fell, the closer he felt to death.

"Besides, you are expending your domain power to fly now, and they will definitely be able to catch up when you run out of energy."

Immortal Gu is real, Domain Gu is virtual.

Wu Gongfeng and the rank two Gu Immortal known as Lao Ji chased after Su Ran. .

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When the people around heard this, they were all surprised. .

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