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【student loan reject code 】 Sure enough, she was still a naive girl, Chu Shaoyan smiled slightly, he had never made such a vow, his childhood was tormented, he never had the chance to play with friends of the same age, and some of them were only in the deep mountains, old forests and in the ice and snow Flying with hundreds of catties of lead weights on their backs, some just gambled to climb the cliffs with heavy loads, and some just endured the impact of hundreds of catties of huge force for several hours under the waterfall. 。

Han Xiang nodded silently. After fastening her seat belt, she involuntarily glanced sideways at the man in the rock. The stern face was as three-dimensional as it had been carved with a knife, and as handsome as a sculpture. Her heart suddenly beat violently, and her eyes narrowed slightly because of this.

The young woman smiled brightly, and thought to herself that she didn't even look at who the child's father was. With his crazy physique, the child would of course be in good health!

Jian Lan said: "Millet porridge, pheasant, bamboo shoots, wheat cakes, bracken, and some seasonal vegetables that I grow in the corner of the small garden in the backyard."

Just as he was full of complaints, there was a commotion not far behind him. When he turned around, there were hundreds of policemen in full armor, swarming over!

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Mao Zhenfei was stunned for a moment, raised his hand and shouted: "Stop! Sanmaotou, turn on the flashlight and take a picture!"
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So far, the executive director of Huading Group, the chairman of Jinying Automobile Company, the assistant to the president of Huading Group, and the security consultant of Huading Group, this series of titles have been hung on Chu Shaoyan.
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"Yes!" Luo Yun replied resolutely, "My child, I will never leave her alone in my life, no matter if I give it to him or send her abroad, it is impossible! I will raise my child myself!"
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Toyotomi Maaya is the seventeenth generation grandson of the Toyotomi family in Japan, and is currently the vice president of Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The Toyotomi family is a well-known name in Dongying, which is as noble as the royal family. Hundreds of years ago, its ancestor Toyotomi Hideyoshi once dominated the situation and has sheltered him until now. The Toyotomi family owns shares in more than a dozen large companies in Japan, and controls Takeda Pharmaceutical, the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan.
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Wang Hong smiled wryly and said, "It's up to you, bro. Xu Cen is a very important person. The person behind him and the illegal organization 'Zao Chu' gang are the top priorities. Take Xu Cen He is so smart and vicious, as long as he clenches his teeth and does not let go, we will definitely release him after 24 hours. After all, Xu Yuanpei is a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and we cannot do anything about him until we have conclusive evidence."
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Ten minutes later, Lu Chuanzhi, who was wearing glasses, hurried over with several people.
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Chu Shaoyan looked down, at this moment her face was full of sincere concern. Obviously this is a kind girl. Although she has been hurt, her heart is still pure and flawless.
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Chu Shaoyan was so angry that he knocked on her little head: "What nonsense are you talking about? Dare to say anything! And you said you were not jealous, why did you attack Yan Shuya? Don't you understand why I kept her? Otherwise, I would stay Should I leave you, or leave Xiyao behind?"
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