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Just maintaining the current posture is already very difficult. You must know that there are not many points of strength under the chassis of the truck.

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Xu Chaohua's proud skills were directly crushed in front of Wang Sanpang.

Although Ka Suo's words were a bit harsh, none of the branch masters in the cities showed dissatisfaction. At this time, they thought it was the greatest gift that Ka Suo didn't attack them!

Wang Sanpang took out all the things he had prepared and handed them to his parents.

Now that she is developing a new business in Harbor City, and after meeting Chu Shaoyan by chance, she is very happy. After being happy, Chu Shaoyan's concern touched her inner weakness and made her feel wronged; as a woman, Guan Nuoxue naturally understands that if a man really loves a woman, he should find time to contact her even if he is busy with his career. of.

Although the name Wang Sanpang has been heard many times, this is the first time Fang Guoming has seen Wang Sanpang.

"Have you bought everything for the Chief Secretary?"

Some people even raised their hands because of the food problem, and some people joined together and prepared to trouble others.

Chang Lian'an waved at Wang Sanpang.

In the past, because of the weather, the growers in the Golden Triangle were miserable, and the output of white powder was much less than in previous years. As a major customer of the Golden Triangle, Sanlianhui has the lowest price. If General Cai Ba stopped trading with the Sanlianhui and sold that batch of goods to other buyers in the future, it would not be a problem to double the price.

Hearing Wang Guowei's words, Zhao Yumei was a little happy. .

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It has to be said that Wang Sanpang's body shape really matches the cooking class. .

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