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【how to find my loan servicer student loans 】 In those years, the floods in the south were particularly severe. In the case of the Central Plains, the dikes burst due to excessive blockage. Naturally, many tribes were washed to death in the end, regardless of whether it was the south or the north. Fortunately, Gonggong was also tough that year. , directly used a move of Baizhang's real body, and blocked himself in front of the river, which at least reduced the loss a lot. 。

The clansmen pushed and shoved, Yu Liang was called out, and she looked very nervous when facing Danzhu.

A voice appeared.

The wizard of the Yanyu family was surprised: "Does he really believe in that bamboo slip?"

The soldier stared at him, and at this moment, the young man saw that not far from the top of the mountain, the "shooter" bent his bow and set an arrow again, and this time, he was aiming at himself!

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Danzhu was sitting on a rock, and in the distance were the busy members of the Chifang clan, and the people of the Chifang clan also knew from Dayi in the past few days that there was an envoy from the Central Plains, who was friends with Dayi and the others, but In the eyes of the Chifang clan, the original messenger of Zhongyuan seems a bit strange.
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"Measuring the years of heaven and earth, correcting the appearance of the world."
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Originally, Yan Yu and the old patriarch were in charge of raising chickens, but the two of them ran out to find the salt soil and have not come back. The mountains and fields are huge, and Yan Zai seemed a little worried.
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Only when primitive agriculture enters new agriculture and agriculture is raised to a higher level can a large amount of productivity be liberated. No matter what industry, world or society, agriculture is always the foundation of all things.
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"Many people have forgotten the story before God came."
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"Ah, what's going on here, why does Chikata have so many things..."
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You must know that all the soldiers at the Shenyun level have a bit of a temper. Although Xunshan and Chaisang are not good at dealing with each other, but this time it is a joint project, so it is better not to make mistakes in the details.
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As Li Kui said, he took out a pocket from a square and pinched one of the small pockets to open it.
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