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【loan for small business philippines 】 The third leader showed a happy expression. He had already checked Su Ran's information beforehand, and he could confirm that Su Ran's identity was fine, and he couldn't be an undercover agent of other forces. 。

That is, the cultivation resources of Gu masters in Beiyuan City are all monopolized by various forces. In the market, except for ordinary first-grade Gu insects, no other Gu insects can be found.

As soon as the feminine man finished speaking, he didn't give Su Ran any time to prepare. Like a phantom, he rushed towards Su Ran and pushed forward with his palm.

He has tried it, and for a stationary object, within a hundred steps, the arrow will never fail.

Today's Su Ran is a ruthless person. He even killed the masters of the five villages and the second village. There were even rumors that the master of the third village was also killed by Su Ran.

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Soon, he finished the long queue of monkeys.
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A similar scene is happening in a restaurant room in Libei Gu Daoji.
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"The three extraordinary men and the two warriors all brought bows. There is no obstacle on the plain. If I can't get close to them, even if I use a berserk state, I may not be able to block the bows and arrows of a few people."
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Buying Gu chrysalis under the condition that there is only a 5% probability of living Gu. This buying method is not much different from throwing the secret stone into the sea. "
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Gold text changes.
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Su Ran opened her eyes wide, "Gu worm?"
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There is no need for Yikong to lie to him on this question, it is highly likely to be true.
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A call from Li Jiang came from a distance, interrupting Su Ran's thoughts.
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