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After listening to Dayi's explanation, Yan Zai was very surprised. Erba Shenren is a relatively well-known "team god" in the Shan Hai Jing. Apart from Nuwa Ten Gods who like to block roads and rob, Erba Shenren is the "team god". The team's reputation is relatively high. ...

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Chi Songzi laughed: "It's already a thing of the past, so it's good for me to watch this 'drama'. What happened to the predecessors is a thing of the past after all, isn't it?"

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landslide occurred in a coal mine near the Fire-Annoying Country.

"It's true that the snakes were restricted by me, but that valley was once occupied by another guy after the death of Emperor Yan's daughter... When the group of snakes came, it didn't seem to have left. Its minions are making waves here..."

Recruiting talents with high salaries! Full of sincerity!

The people of the Chigata clan began to dance, and they were extremely happy. The first child was born safely. This is really a night of endless hope!

Fengshen pulled up the four-foot-high totem pole upside down, because Gu Youyin pulled out the totem pole upside down, there was a loud roar from inside, and the wind suddenly picked up. Seeing a deer body, a sparrow head, a snake tail and a leopard pattern The monster flew wildly out of Yinyinhu's totem pole, and fled northeast at full speed in a cloud of wind and smoke!

This thing is destined to be impossible for the totem warrior to operate.

Huandou looked at Yuzai for a while, and smiled meaningfully.

Before Danzhu left.

"By the way, Yujing should have given birth...the time should be almost here..."

"Let's make an exchange, you can make a condition, but we need your totem." .

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