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The reason why they came here this time is mainly because of an overseas intelligence agency that was monitored in the last incident. .

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After hearing Zhang Weiguo's words, the soldiers gritted their teeth and rushed into the tent, enduring the pungent smell of tear gas, and put on their clothes. ...

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Toyotomi Maaya's words made Chen Zhiyuan feel like he had fallen from heaven to prison, and his expression changed suddenly: "Your Excellency, Governor, did something unpleasant happen to you here?"

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Song Ga really didn't expect that Wang Sanpang had a talent for shooting.

Due to the huge advantage of Wang Sanpang's 93rd ring, Feng Yadong's 84th ring was overshadowed.

Hearing Zhao Jun's words, the recruits all lowered their heads.

Wang Sanpang had already sneaked into the camp, so it was a very coincidental thing to say.

Only by finding such a channel can we follow the vines and find out who the spy is.

Seeing Wang Jinjun speak, Feng Baoguo sighed.

Xu Chaohua had a premonition that this night would become very difficult.

The others, like Wang Sanpang, had no idea what Zhao Jun had trained, and all that was left in their heads was training.

"Old Sheng, you still have a lot of tricks, no wonder the head of the team gets a headache when he sees you, okay, let's do it like this!"

Zhang Chao spoke incoherently, and his emotions were on the verge of collapse. .

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After folding a qualified quilt, I took a standard goose step, standing very tall and straight in a military posture... .

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