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After hanging up the phone, Chu Shaoyan's face changed a few times, and finally regained his composure. As far as he is concerned, after the collapse of the building, he will not continue to choose to be passive, he must take the initiative! The shopping mall is like a battlefield, and it is also a chess game. Only the one who takes the initiative can win the final victory! ... how long until a business loan is forgiven?

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After the servant informed that Chu Shaoyan was coming, he withdrew his mind and asked the servant to bring Chu Shaoyan in. ...

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"President Zheng's intention of doing this is obviously very obvious!" Chu Shaoyan slightly twisted his neck and said: "Everyone who came today is a person with a reputation in the Tao, and everyone abides by the previous rules of the club meeting. Come in with a gun. In this way, if President Zheng wants to kill us, wouldn't it be easy?"

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"You will die!" Huang Fei rushed up suddenly, and stepped in front of Chen Qi in one step. The speed was so fast that almost everyone couldn't react!

Jiang Li nodded, and rushed forward with a vigorous step, reaching out his hands like lightning to grab the chest of one of the women! The two women subconsciously covered their chests with their hands and let out ear-piercing screams!

When Jiang Li heard it, he was a little confused, what do you mean? The love seat is not his seat?

Sensing Liang Wanruo's question, Chu Shaoyan felt guilty for a while, then he went up to him bravely, forced a smile uglier than crying and said, "Mr. Liang, why are you here?"

Jiang Li couldn't help but cast a second glance.

Chu Shaoyan gently put his arms around Guan Nuoxue's fragrant shoulders and said, "Hurry up, walk so slowly now, your cousin An Shanshan won't be able to find you in a while."

And this so-called General Cai Ba was also one of the three people Chu Shaoyan decided to pick up in person. General Cai Ba did not come to the funeral, which made Chu Shaoyan a little worried. The relationship between them has faded; but now that General Cai Ba has come again uninvited, the inside story is worth pondering for Chu Shaoyan.

Chu Shaoyan did not answer Chen Bin's words immediately, but glanced at the policemen behind Chen Bin.

saw that although the meat was black, but because the duck was very fat, the oil on it reflected the sunlight, with a little golden color. If you look closely, the meat inside is actually golden!

At this time in New York, the United States, on the top of a building that pierces into the sky, a young man in his 30s is smoking a cigar lightly. Every time he sucked the cigar into his mouth, his body couldn't help but tremble slightly, showing an excited expression. .

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However, there was a series of piercing metal snapping sounds, and Cheng Shu's face changed! .

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