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【gift letter template for mortgage 】 Lingwu subconsciously wanted to refute, but was interrupted by An Ran's sneer: "If it wasn't something that fell from the fairy world, how could it cause such a big chaos? The city lord is telling the truth, the fall of the Feixiantai It's just the beginning." 。

At the beginning when he thought he was the protagonist of the waste wood style, it was not that he had not encountered the blows of his fellow disciples.

At the very least, it doesn't make much sense to Tiandaoyuan.

But no matter what, he is still an extraterrestrial demon after all, not the original owner of the physical body.

Just like when preaching about Xianlian Dongtian before, more than half of the disciples of Xianlian Dongtian almost surrounded An Ran.

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Even if it is the teaching of the Ascended, it can only be regarded as a good one.
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The key is that Nanming Immortal King No. 2 has lived with him for a year, and it seems that he hasn't even paid the rent at all!
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——If there is Zhan Qianqiu as a book boy, I think it will be extremely majestic!
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An Ran said silently in her heart.
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"Sure enough, it is feasible, but Tianyin Xingjun's body is comparable to a mountain, it is more troublesome to control, and the vision is a little bit wrong. It is easy to see the fear of heights by looking at the back of the foot..."
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There is an invisible force of suction and withdrawal in the dark, firmly pulling the hands of Tianyin Xingjun, preventing the last handprint of Yuanxian Seal from forming!
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His own sect ran away with long legs!
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"It's a complete set." Qianqiu nodded noncommittally.
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