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【commercial truck loans for bad credit raleigh nc 】 "Very good, everyone's ability to accept is good, how about this, because just after eating, strenuous exercise is not good for everyone's health, let's warm up for half an hour first!" 。

What Wang Sanpang is most worried about now is that although he discovered this command post by accident, he has no ability to gnaw down this command post by himself.

Wang Sanpang didn't even hear a lot of words in the middle, and the recruit ordered Wang Sanpang to only hear the last sentence clearly.

The street at night was hazy under the illumination of the street lamps on both sides of the street. At this time, the black extended Lincoln was driving smoothly on the street, and slowly disappeared at the end of the street; in the car, Chu Shaoyan held the steering wheel casually, while Feng Omito Maaya sat next to him without saying a word.


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"Squad leader, is there anything else to eat?"
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He just turned his body slightly, and the hat on his head fell off.
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Wang Jinjun's words made Feng Baoguo smile bitterly.
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The internal affairs rules are what recruits must learn, and these rules must be kept in their heads.
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If this is a gift, they are really flattered.
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"How's the situation?"
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It was just to ensure that this operation was safe. After all, Chen Gengyun had already boasted in front of Wang Changlin. If there was any problem, the next meeting would be very embarrassing.
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