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【people's small loan company, st. cloud 】 。

"I turned on the recording just now, and I can pass the recording on to you."

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At this time, the person next to him had already pressed the timer and started the challenge, and everyone's eyes turned to that person.
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Qian Shan was taken aback: "My wife?"
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Being able to prepare such a potion will definitely make money, and the Qianshan people are indeed very kind, enthusiastic, and brave, but as far as personal aesthetics is concerned...she still can't accept Qianshan for the time being, but thinking about it, it seems I didn't pursue myself, I thought too much.
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"I'm going! Vomit——this thing is right, isn't it?" Qian Shan retched when he smelled the smell, sweating on his forehead instantly, the smell was too bitter.
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He understands that the current self is very ordinary, not outstanding in appearance, and has little money, but this does not mean that he will be like this in the future, after all, with the Fudo God King Art in his hand, this thing is an extraordinary existence...
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Su Yushan snorted softly: "There aren't many good people in that club, not to mention the frequent fights, the coaches and fighters there will even touch the female members who need training, even my colleague wants to touch me Once I saw a girl being bullied, and I scolded them in a fit of anger, saying that they should not do this often, and then offended a lot of them, and some members may never go to their gym because of this, I naturally It is impossible to continue to stay and continue to work, and I don’t want to continue to work there, it’s disgusting to think about it!”
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