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"It doesn't matter, even if my cultivation is suppressed, the experience and vision I have are far from what those rookies can compare." .

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As for what can't be solved, try to do it yourself. ...

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"Are you the leader of this competition?"

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"The answer is no."

"Brother An's ability... is more mysterious than I thought."

Wang Zhengchu: "Uh... the eighth level of Qi training... uh... ok..."

"Don't the Liu family have any other treasures? We can take out some of those treasures and sell them..."

"This kid really didn't condense into a phantom of the Taoist platform. Could it be that he can continue to cultivate? But with his cultivation speed, if he continues to practice like this, he may not even be able to reach the Taoist platform..."

Rumors kill people, nothing more.

"Brother An, my little sister is serious, just tell me to sit down—"

Not to mention a breakthrough, as the aura of heaven and earth poured into his body, An Ran felt like there was a black hole in his body, no matter how he used aura to fill it, it was just a drop in the bucket.

Everyone was silent.

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When he first met An Ran a year ago, his cultivation was still stuck in the realm of Daotai. Because of his contact with An Ran, he understood the bottleneck. , I have already practiced to the sixth level of the alchemy realm! .

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