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【online tax service that offers a early tax loan 】 As soon as Su Ran and Beigonghen left, a black shadow appeared in front of Beigong Qingshan. 。

"If King Yuyi could kill me, would he keep me until now?" Su Ran chuckled, and said coldly, "Will you give it to me? If not, I won't give up with Huang Chenhou now!"

Su Ran coldly glanced at the group of immortals, and there was no color in her eyes.

How could there be?

If there are more moon bodies in the future, the recovery speed of his domain power will be even faster.

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Su Ran breathed a sigh of relief, her face was quite serious.
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Shouting and shouting, the eldest son slumped on the ground. If Bei Gonghen wanted to kill the second son after becoming the first son, then the second son would be the eldest son.
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As soon as it was blocked, it was discovered that something was wrong.
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"That's right, the serious illness is the child of the marriage between the original Marquis Li Hai and a mortal. The Li Hai Hou who was born has no Gu Master qualifications, so I don't need to say more about it later."
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"Kill you, kill you, so much nonsense."
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"This Marquis refuses to accept!" Hushan Hou shouted.
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It's not in his interest that he parted ways with the Demon Heart Cult because of an undetermined conspiracy.
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After killing someone, Mrs. Ten clapped her hands again: "Oh, I'm tired of staying in Beigong for two hundred years. It's time to change places."
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