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test. how does the chip on a credit card work Chu Shaoyan said silently for a moment: "Understood, you must remember my order!" ….

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While speaking, he sent the document: "As long as it is Jiangcheng's website, it must be spread, and it must be hyped up so that everyone in Jiangcheng knows about it." .

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Now you dare to do such a disgusting thing in the hospital, do you still take the hospital seriously? " ...

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The two people in the room stood there blankly, and for a long time Shangguan Zetian stared at the man in the rock and said, "Shaoyan, you are so evil, you have caused my sister and I to lose the intimacy we used to have, and my best friend and I have lost our friendship." The girlfriends almost turned against each other. Shaoyan, what do you think I should do?"

After editing this microblog, Ye Qiu threw a group of pictures in Jiugongge, including the photos of Ma Bilian and Mahu's paternity test.

"Brother Qiangqiang, why did you hit me?"

"Shaoyan, you've fallen!" The nervous girl stretched out her double peaks and grabbed his ears.

"Boom!" Before leaving, the little girl suddenly hugged his neck, kissed him hard on the face, and then threw herself on the bed in embarrassment, covering her head and face with a silk quilt.

Obviously, the enemy has acted, and it is the cooperation of police and robbers!

That door is half closed.

Goddess Huading grabbed his ear and pulled gently, then snorted and said, "You are so shameless, I feel ashamed of you for writing such nasty things!"

Yan Mengjia on the phone immediately smiled: "I knew you were the best for me." .

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"Of course." The little military division nodded, "So, we have to unite everyone, including Sister Guan, Sister Rou, and Sister Jinghua. Together, we can break Brother Shaoyan's defenses and finally force Sister Zetian to accept the reality. Then realize the family reunion plan." .

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