how does solar credit work
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【what are the three cs of credit 】 Today, exactly one year has passed since the Battle of Jade Immortals. 。

But no matter what, the situation was beyond Gu Ming's expectations.

Finally, You Ying said calmly: "I haven't drank for a long time, but you guys are really useful. I need you to investigate Nanming Immortal King, Suzaku Immortal King, and Qianyuan Immortal King! Since Nanming has not dead, the other two may not be dead, other than that..."

Bamboo leaves fluttered and trembled, and thunder erupted all over the sky.

——that was with one hand on his hips, with an airy face, but he was gnawing on creme brulee in his mouth, and the crumbs were scattered all over the pudding...

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It is conceivable that once he can find out the tricks, he will definitely be able to truly gain the trust of that adult!
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Immediately afterwards, loud shouts rang out one after another, and the light of supernatural power shone into the depths of Yuanshui secret realm!
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"Then, how should we wake up the mirage dragon in the illusion?"
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[Reward: Exclusive]
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In an instant, there was only one thought left in my mind.
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If he said such words, his image in this life would be over!
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