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After receiving this call, Chu Shaoyan seemed to be in a trance in the company this morning, and even made a small mistake. For a person who is extremely cautious and careful, there is obviously something abnormal, so that Shangguan Zetian asked him with a certain look. ...

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Only the sound of his own flustered heartbeat remained in Hu Bin's ears, and he crawled back in panic.

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Chen Shuang put the clothes beside him, and his attitude towards Shen Yao was as gentle as ever, as if this was his duty: "Sorry, I should let you rest at home, but it's not convenient to leave you alone at home."

When Guan Shu fell backwards, Xu Yibai got up from the ground, his breathing was a little anxious, and his eyes were full of hostility: "Guan Shu, I'm not complaining, I'm just stating the facts. What I said Wrong?! You said you didn’t know that Shen Yao had a boyfriend, so what are you doing now that you know?!”

"I didn't expect you to be married. I remember you just graduated." The old lady's expression was slightly surprised, she looked at Shen Yao, and then praised and joked with understanding, "There must be many such beautiful boys. People like it, of course you have to find an opportunity to tie people up early, right?"

But what is strange is that these policemen did not arrest the arsonist, but instead arrested the manager of the victim, and even clamored to hunt down the boss behind the Yedi Bath Center!

"Ah, your mother, what's the matter?" The leading man roared angrily.

No one else dared to approach him, only Shen Fulin striding over with a smile on his face. .

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But in fact, Shen Yao didn't even move a step, his footsteps seemed to be stuck to Guan Shu's side. .

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