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【synchrony interest free 】 Less than a few hundred meters later, suddenly there was a faint light in front of it. It was a newly built villa area, and it seemed that there were very few households living in it. The rock man was confused for a while, and flew over the towering wall of the villa next door... 。

At this moment, Butler Mei came over, brought tea to the two of them, and cleaned up the table.

"No, at least not for the time being, I want to hear your opinion first." Shangguan Zetian put down his coffee cup.

"Me too!" The little witch, Xu Qi, and Mi Qiao raised their hands not to be outdone.

"Chambon, is the mouth of the person brought tonight reliable?"

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"Zetian, are you not in a hurry?" the rock man reminded.
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The eyes of Goddess Huading suddenly became hot, and the fragrant body fragrance of the other party made the rock man's heart tremble. Fortunately, I lost a lot of blood tonight, so I didn't react too much.
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"Well, Shaoyan, agree that we will live and die together!" Shangguan Zetian resolutely closed his eyes.
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Another violent kick kicked the vertical opening into a hole, and then swished through the hole. After standing on his heels, Chu Shaoyan turned his leg a few times and kicked the opening of the hole to level. Relying on the strength of the enemy, if there is no crowbar, it is absolutely impossible to open the hole to pursue.
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The second lieutenant was dumbfounded.
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