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【where to mail loan consoldation form for student loans 】 "Master Changlong, how long do we have to wait? I've had enough of this place!" a stone man complained. 。


"Refresh? Mention your sister! Do you think you can beat him? The fork in this bastard's hand is almost as powerful as a river! Now whoever goes up will die! If you don't go up, you will die, understand?" Cheng Shu While roaring, he felt that his IQ was being trampled on the ground by this retarded man in front of him! He doesn't want to talk to this retarded man at all now!

Over there, Zhuo Lei's knife was as bright as lightning, and he fought the toad inextricably, and at the same time he still had time to shout: "No, it's a piece of cake!"

"Chu Shaoyan, my cousin Shanshan has class tomorrow, so I'll take her back first." Guan Nuoxue tried her best to adjust her emotions and said to Chu Shaoyan.

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Changlong looked at these guys who were ready to move, closed his eyes and said: "There is no need to move, I can break through tomorrow at the latest, and then... I will take you to a corner of Xiaoxiang!"
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"No!" Ye Tianhe had already been shot in the leg, blood stained his calf, his face was a little pale, and he lacked confidence when he spoke: "There are too many people outside, we will only die if we rush out!"
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At the same time, in Bei'ao City, far away from the headquarters of the Sanlian Association in Harbor City, the lobby on the 18th floor of the Ye Mingzhu Hotel.
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"Shaoyan, I just heard that you and Tang Hu were assassinated?" Ye Tianhe got straight to the point, and there was nothing wrong with his tone.
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At the same time, I received a message full of resentment from Cheng Shu: "Brother, can we be lighter next time?"
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Seeing Jiang Li approaching, the two quickly stood up.
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"Bang!" Seeing that his men were not moving, Jiang Wanquan exploded. He raised his hand and shot the man standing in the front! That subordinate didn't even utter a scream, his head was blown off, and blood flowed all over the ground in an instant.
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Geng Bei stood aside and didn't intend to make a move. He slowly wrapped the bandage around his hands. At the same time, he clamped the phone between his head and shoulders, and said with a smile: "Honey, I have something to do, let's talk later."
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